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#782 Make CMIS MAX ITEMS configurable improvement minor 7.7 CMIS
#561 Make exit button more accessible Dominik Fakner improvement minor 7.2.1 User Interface
#598 Make forms externally available improvement minor 7.4.1 Core
#992 Maximum number of download criteria for Download Tickets improvement minor 8.4 Core
#886 Menu for Versions section improvement trivial 8.1 User Interface
#1033 Merging capabilities from inside the Automation improvement minor 8.5.1 Automation
#395 Message explaining TMP file download when using "Edit with Office" improvement minor Office Addin
#560 Metadata Preset Export/Import Issue bug minor 7.2.1 User Interface
#306 Metadata editing at checkin time improvement major 6.7.1 Core
#152 Metadata not stored if there is a Workflow trigger car031 bug minor 6.3.3 Workflow
#441 More details in the Notes dashlet improvement minor 7.1 User Interface
#457 More file icons improvement trivial 7.1.1 User Interface
#180 Move folder name to beginning of tab/window title improvement minor 6.3.5 User Interface
#717 Move/Copy alias must not alter the original document bug trivial 7.5.3 User Interface
#421 Multi Tenant new feature major 7.0 Core
#146 Multi Workspace new feature major 6.4 Core
#947 Multiple workflow supervisors improvement minor 8.3 Workflow
#177 My document import client not working on v6.3.4 bug major Web Services
#311 MySQL 5.6 compliance bug minor 6.7.1 Core
#589 New Stamps & Forms Buttons missing bug minor Core
#274 New extended attribute type: Boolean car031 improvement minor 6.6.1 Core
#464 New preview tab in the document's detail panel improvement minor 7.1.1 User Interface
#986 New webservice method WorkflowService.reassign improvement minor 8.4 Web Services
#1038 Nice popups to notify alerts improvement minor 8.5.1 User Interface
#568 No history recorded for multiple document download improvement minor 7.3 Core
#616 No program options appear for opening documents in iPad/iPhone App. Blucecio bug major iPad and iPhone App
#262 Non-admin users have problems accessing to webdav bug major 6.5.2 Core
#292 Not all folders deleted after database cleanup bug minor 6.6.2 Core
#734 Notes on workflow tasks new feature minor 7.6 Workflow
#444 Notification emails improvement minor 7.4.1 Calendar
#571 Notifications not issued at workflow end bug minor 7.3 Workflow
#295 Notifications not sent for documents in a leaf folder bug minor 6.7 Core
#679 Notify of quota exceeded new feature minor 7.6.2 Core
#272 Notify users at wotkfllow end car031 improvement minor 6.6.1 Workflow
#684 Notify users of new file(s) at time of upload car031 new feature minor 7.6 User Interface
#286 Notify users on adding note improvement minor 7.1 Core
#1140 Notify users with internal message also when a document has been created or checked-in improvement minor 8.7.4 Auditing
#528 OCR button doesn't work after update bug minor User Interface
#422 Office & Outlook Addins install for all users improvement minor Office Addin
#710 Office Addin edit properties mandatory fields validated bug minor Office Addin
#709 Office Addin edit properties validation error bug major Office Addin
#1134 Open in folder from Last Changes report improvement trivial 8.7.4 User Interface
#362 Open-button grayed out on highlighted items improvement minor Office Addin
#1153 OpenSSL vulnerability CVE-2022-1292 bug minor 8.8.1 Security
#665 Optimization of tags handling for huge repositories enhancement minor 7.5 Core
#266 Optimize the requests of the Office Add-in improvement major Office Addin
#884 Optimized WebDAV performances improvement minor 8.0.1 WebDAV
#793 Option to convert alias to document new feature minor 7.7.2 Core
#157 Option to copy folders improvement minor 7.1 User Interface
#722 Option to diable the automatic opening of the Default workspace new feature trivial 7.6 User Interface
#812 Option to disable specific format converters improvement trivial 7.7.1 Format Conversion
#989 Option to enable/disable CustomID replication during Syndication improvement minor 8.4 Syndication
#1120 Option to enforce the user's working time new feature major 8.7.2 Core
#1014 Option to evaluate CustomID / Autofolding / Autonaming at update improvement minor 8.4.2 Core
#544 Option to generate download ticket link improvement minor 7.4.1 Core
#480 Option to ignore case of username on login new feature minor 7.1.2 Core
#512 Option to ignore case of username on login doesn't work with External Auth bug minor 7.2.1 LDAP / Active Directory
#219 Option to import empty folders improvement minor 6.4.2 Import / Export
#308 Option to inherit security policies from parent when creating a new folder new feature minor 6.7.1 Core
#1104 Option to notify users at checkin as during the creation improvement minor 8.7.1 User Interface
#1047 Option to require users to leave a note in order to complete a workflow task new feature minor 8.5.2 Workflow
#829 Option to run LibreOffice as daemon or command line improvement minor 7.7.3 Preview
#1059 Option to save correctly sent emails as LogicalDOC's documents new feature minor 8.6 Core
#221 Option to select a folder with code completion improvement minor 6.4.2 User Interface
#698 Option to specify page ranges in the Stamp definition improvement minor 7.5.1 Stamp
#247 Options 'case sensitive' and 'search for aliases' in parametric search bug minor 6.5.2 Core
#1084 Oracle database does not support "as" for aliasing table names in from cluase bug trivial 8.6.1 Core
#908 Order expression in EnterpriseSerarch improvement minor 8.2 Web Services
#809 Order folders by position, then by name blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#915 Outlook Addin new message bug major Android App
#383 PB with french translation template mail after user creation bug trivial Core
#707 PDF Signing new feature major 7.7.2 Digital Signature
#991 PDF Splitting capabilities new feature major 8.4 Split
#519 Pagination based on current sorting improvement minor 7.6.1 User Interface
#924 Parallel indexing improvement major 8.2.1 Core
#565 Parametric Search - Aliases not returned bug minor 7.4.1 Core
#921 Parametric search does handle properly the Template selector bug minor 8.2 User Interface
#1058 Parse PDF conversion in case a specific parser is not available improvement minor 8.6 Search Engine
#1126 Passing dynamic parameters to stamps improvement minor 8.7.3 Stamp
#678 Paste as PDF alias issues Bug trivial 7.5 Core
#304 Pause cpu-intensive jobs if the CPU is overloaded new feature major 6.7.1 Core
#179 Pdf generated correctly but not downloaded bug minor 6.3.5 Core
#872 Permalink to the specific document version improvement minor 8.0 User Interface
#170 Permanent Download Link car031 new feature minor 6.3.4 Core
#795 Pluggable and configurable Format Convertsion System new feature major 7.7 Core
#372 Possibility to add new documents to existing Calendar Event improvement minor 6.8.1 Calendar
#595 Possibility to append Signature on function send by email improvement minor 7.4.1 User Interface
#1099 Prevent a user from selecting another file during metadata editing improvement trivial 8.7 User Interface
#446 Preview and PDF conversion for CAD drawings new feature major 7.1 Core
#1113 Preview and indexing of 7Z files improvement minor 8.7.1 Core
#1112 Preview and indexing of GZ files improvement minor 8.7.1 Core
#1110 Preview and indexing of RAR v4 files improvement minor 8.7.1 Core
#1111 Preview and indexing of TAR files improvement minor 8.7.1 Core
#435 Preview in HTML5 improvement minor 7.0.1 User Interface
#228 Preview in Versions history improvement trivial 6.5 User Interface
#732 Preview navigator(navigate the documents in prevew mode) improvement minor 7.6 User Interface
#928 Preview of DICOM files improvement major 8.2.1 User Interface
#868 Preview of P7M file format improvement minor 8.0 User Interface
#539 Preview of older document versions displays latest version only bug minor 7.2 Core
#666 Preview of older document versions displays latest version only defect minor 7.5 User Interface
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