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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#877 Web service unexpectedly hangs bug blocker Web Services
#183 Document import program perrformance test critical Core
#204 Web Services Client performance bug critical Core
#246 No indexed documents after 6.5 update car031 bug critical Core
#167 Permissions/Right Issues bug major 6.3.4 User Interface
#200 Upgrade from 6.3.4 to 6.4 failed bug major Core
#366 Search should not discriminate between letters with and letters without accents bug major Core
#370 Option to choose AND instead of OR as default conjunction operator new feature major Core
#585 Filename element in LogicalDOC Mobile app Blucecio improvement major iPad and iPhone App
#628 Calendar Entries are not appearing bug major Calendar
#832 cannot save .doc file when it is open directly from an e-mail bug major Office Addin
#1023 LDAP supported encryption test major LDAP / Active Directory
#1029 LogicalDOC on-premise installation on Windows OS test major 8.5.1 Installer
#150 Problem with dragging in IE bug minor User Interface
#249 preview issue bug minor Core
#252 Document import error bug minor Import / Export
#276 [Message] Subscription message is incorrectly formatted bug minor User Interface
#280 Lack of consistency for filenames between web interface and office add-in dialog. wish minor Office Addin
#325 Connection Problems with Android 4.1 car031 improvement minor Android App
#332 Button inactive bug minor User Interface
#333 Error msgs "persistence method 'databaseStorage' not yet supported" ujmoser bug minor 6.8 User Interface
#391 Ability to encrypt/decrypt documents wish minor Core
#405 Add custom metadata field as a column wish minor Core
#418 Changing Keywords during Upload bug minor User Interface
#437 LogicalDOC Login page got [ ? ] bug minor User Interface
#439 Administration\Settings\OCR bug minor Core
#459 Configurator unable to restart the application bug minor Sync
#473 Using the scan a document does not capture double sided/multiple scans PRCUA bug minor Core
#494 Preview Not Available. Contact The System Administrator. Dominik Fakner bug minor Generic
#513 Creating a new document with GoogleDocs function goes to trash bug minor Google Drive
#515 Editing with GoogleDocs does not save changes bug minor Google Drive
#516 Importing docs from GoogleDocs fails bug minor Google Drive
#520 Faulty html formatting in password reset request email bug minor Generic
#524 Deleted tags still appear as tag suggestions bug minor Core
#556 Define length of reset password Dominik Fakner improvement minor Generic
#563 DropSpot fails to load in Google Chrome bug minor Core
#564 Annotations don't appear to work in Internet Explorer bug minor 7.4.1 Core
#572 Tag Count Display Issue bug minor Core
#586 Repository Storage Size wish minor Core
#601 Stamps using Images don't work correctly in a clustered environment bug minor Core
#604 Image not appearing on Form generated bug minor Core
#660 Document to Trash when deleting via WebDAV improvement minor WebDAV
#682 Annotations not working in Internet Explorer Bug minor User Interface
#701 Android App Failing to Connect bug minor Android App
#766 uploading files bug minor User Interface
#837 german language for the GUI will not be used bug minor User Interface
#850 CMIS error when update from CMIS Workbench bug minor CMIS
#885 unable to delete calender events bug minor Calendar
#181 Drop spot not working bug trivial Core
#326 UI not functioning after applying updates 29 & 30 bug trivial Core
#521 Re: Faulty html formatting in password reset request email Dominik Fakner bug trivial Generic
#599 SQL error message. No date and other attributes are shown. bug trivial Core
#610 error adding file with russian name bug trivial Core
#627 Install of hotfolders application fails on Windows Blucecio bug trivial Installer
#839 LibreOffice plugin not allowing new formats or pdf conversion to work properly task trivial Format Conversion
#842 New Installation does not work on IE11 bug trivial User Interface
#843 Preview not working bug trivial User Interface
#844 Office Integration bug trivial Office Addin
#914 Logical Doc API bug trivial Web Services
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