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#313 Blank metadata for aliases during search bug major 6.7.2 Core
#144 Bookmarks on Folders car031 improvement minor 6.4 User Interface
#187 Brute force attack prevention new feature major 7.6.2 Core
#244 Bug in Personal Profile -> Welcome Screen wish trivial User Interface
#727 Bulgarian localization new feature minor 7.5.4 Core
#330 Bulk Checkin new feature minor 6.8 User Interface
#567 Bulk Checkout 'unlocks' documents bug minor 7.4.1 Core
#501 Bulk Checkout feature does not list documents correctly bug minor Core
#1139 Bulk update available in search screen improvement minor 8.7.4 User Interface
#522 Bulk update can modify locked documents metadata bug minor 7.2 Core
#386 CIDR notation for Black/White lists of IPs improvement minor 7.1 Core
#320 CIFS protocol implementation new feature major 6.8 Core
#858 CMIS query - how to search for document content bug minor 7.7.5 CMIS
#753 CSV export workflow hitories improvement trivial 7.6.3 Workflow
#467 CSV import/export utility for Lookuptables on Attribute Templates new feature minor 7.1.2 User Interface
#486 Calendar Date Format in english US improvement minor 7.1.2 Calendar
#566 Calendar Entry Reoccurrence Limit improvement minor 7.4.1 Core
#574 Calendar Event History Tracking Issue - Alias Copy bug minor 7.3 Calendar
#287 Calendar System new feature major 6.7 Calendar
#492 Calendar gets corrupted by high event frequency bug major 7.1.2 Core
#743 Cannot configure multiple instances in iphone app bug minor iPad and iPhone App
#353 Cannot create folder in iphone/ipad app bug minor iPad and iPhone App
#194 Cannot set some folders in search car031 bug minor 6.4 User Interface
#744 Cannot view older document versions on iphone bug major iPad and iPhone App
#182 Change template's name improvement trivial 6.4.1 User Interface
#764 Change the default cursor when viewing documents improvement minor 7.7 User Interface
#548 Change timestamp to datetime in MySQL improvement trivial 7.2.1 Core
#1131 Changed the signature of automation method FolderTool.copy task trivial 8.7.3 Automation
#1132 Changed the signature of webservice method FolderService.copy task trivial 8.7.3 Web Services
#878 Chat and Instant Messaging new feature major 8.0.1 Generic
#460 Check the ID of the remote folder bug major Sync
#1020 Checkout and Lock does not work properly on alias (link) documents bug minor 8.4.2 Core
#750 Checkout/Checkin from Workflow dashboard improvement minor 7.6.3 Workflow
#909 Chunk uploads with webservices new feature minor 8.2 Web Services
#196 Clustering new feature major 6.5 Core
#387 Clustering not working properly after update 6.8 bug minor 6.8.2 Core
#897 Code completion in preset extended attributes car031 improvement minor 8.1.1 User Interface
#733 Colored markers on Folders new feature minor 7.6 User Interface
#1087 Colored task names in workflow's dashboard improvement minor 8.7 Workflow
#849 Colored workflow status improvement minor 7.7.4 Workflow
#834 Columns - File Name - not active task trivial User Interface
#751 Command line tool to manage user sessions wish minor 7.6.4 Core
#919 Compare between two versions exits in error bug minor 8.2 User Interface
#537 Compare metadata does not display changes to tags bug minor 7.2 Core
#713 Compatibility with Firefox 48 improvement major 7.5.2 User Interface
#874 Compatibility with Java10 task minor 8.0 Core
#902 Compatibility with Java11 task major 8.1.1 Core
#880 Compatibility with MySQL8 improvement minor 8.0.1 Core
#1040 Compatibility with ShareFile API v3 improvement minor 8.5.1 ShareFile
#594 Complete and Customizable Reporting system car031 new feature major 7.4 Core
#463 Complete turkish localization improvement minor 7.1.1 User Interface
#454 Compliance with Active Directory 2012 pagination bug minor 7.1.1 LDAP / Active Directory
#827 Compliance with new Dropbox API v2 improvement minor 7.7.3 Dropbox
#305 Compliance with new GoogleDocs changes bug minor 6.7.1 Google Drive
#218 Configurable action on document's double click car031 improvement minor 6.4.2 User Interface
#1129 Configurable columns set in dashlets of type Document and Document Event improvement major 8.7.3 User Interface
#944 Configurable comparation engine new feature major 8.3 Comparison
#1048 Configurable compression level in the storage configuration improvement minor 8.5.2 Core
#195 Configurable default page after login car031 new feature minor 6.4 User Interface
#903 Configurable indexing order improvement minor 8.1.1 Search Engine
#545 Configurable retention policies new feature major 7.2 Core
#770 Configurable runlevels new feature minor 7.6.4 Core
#816 Configurable skin and CSS customization new feature major 7.7.2 User Interface
#994 Configurable timeout for the popups improvement minor 8.4 User Interface
#253 Configurable timeout for webservice clients improvement trivial 6.6 Web Services
#1150 Configuration parameter to enable or disable the editing of the notes/annotations wish minor 8.8.1 Annotations
#721 Configure the default ordered set of columns in the documents grid new feature trivial 7.5.4 User Interface
#715 Confusing Interface on Plugin, Need the ability to change the title on upload Feature Request minor Outlook Addin
#235 Connection through WebDAV shows empty folder bug major 6.5.1 WebDAV
#1016 Connection to databse lost bug major Core
#186 Connection unlinked after scroll bug major 6.3.5 Workflow
#527 Content annotations new feature major 7.2 Core
#185 Content in Folders disappeared bug major User Interface
#379 Contents of window cut off in parametric search bug trivial 7.1.3 Core
#412 Context menu for dashboard records improvement minor 7.1.3 User Interface
#1013 Control labels of the preview are garbled, tangled bug minor 8.4.2 User Interface
#851 Control to change display page on large folder has problem bug major 7.7.5 User Interface
#1027 Copy the path of a folder improvement minor 8.5 User Interface
#592 Correctly handle non-latin chars when sending emails bug trivial 7.4 Core
#517 Count column reports zero for tags on search tab bug minor 7.2 Core
#739 Create download tickets with the webservice improvement minor 7.6 Web Services
#907 Create method findByPath in REST interface improvement minor 8.2 Web Services
#889 Creation of BarcodeTool class to simplify barcode handling from inside the Automation improvement minor 8.1 Barcode
#303 Croatian language localization new feature minor 6.7.1 Core
#461 Cryptic error during installation bug minor Sync
#1061 Custom Actions: customization of the document's and folder's context menu new feature minor 8.6 User Interface
#1070 Custom Message Template for notification for subscription event improvement trivial 8.7.2 Auditing
#777 Custom reports in Excel format wish minor 7.7 Reports
#255 Customizable User Dashboard new feature major 6.6 User Interface
#726 Customizable assignment of storage repository to Worspace new feature major 7.6 Core
#949 Customizable dashlets new feature minor 8.3 User Interface
#1109 Customizable display date format improvement minor 8.7.1 User Interface
#1154 Customizable fields validation new feature major 8.8.1 Core
#507 Customizable folders ordering improvement minor 7.1.3 Core
#971 Customizable notification message per task improvement minor 8.3.3 Workflow
#1035 Customizable number of displayed history records improvement minor 8.5.1 User Interface
#1138 Customizable segments naming when splitting improvement minor 8.7.4 Split
#1055 Customizable thumbnail generation improvement minor 8.6 Core
#1142 Customizable visualiation of digital signature improvement minor 8.8 Digital Signature
#341 Date formatting for English-UK and english-AU improvement major 6.8 User Interface
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