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#654 Stamp Reversing bug major 7.4.3 Stamp
#631 Stamps only work on PDF documents bug minor 7.4.3 Stamp
#981 Stamps with HTML formatting improvement major 8.3.4 Stamp
#966 Start a workflow from automation improvement minor 8.3.2 Automation
#559 Start/Stop Publishing Dates Displayed in Different Format then Language bug minor 7.2.1 User Interface
#273 Statistical Graphs not coming due to error. car031 bug minor 6.6.1 User Interface
#226 Statistics not working after 6.4.2 update Blucecio bug minor Core
#968 Status icon to mark documents with links improvement minor 8.3.3 User Interface
#899 Strange characters in form bug minor 8.1.1 Forms
#224 Subscriptions and Notifications support new feature major 6.5 Android App
#1100 Subscriptions report improvement minor 8.7 Reports
#178 Summaries for each document improvement trivial User Interface
#337 Support DB instance definition at installation time when using SQL Server improvement minor 6.8 Installer
#853 Support Nuance Power PDF OCR engine improvement minor 8.1 OCR
#925 Support S3 storage through IAM Role improvement major 8.2.1 Storage
#1009 Support for .jfif image files improvement minor 8.4.2 Format Conversion
#805 Support for Cloud storage on Amazon S3 new feature major 7.7.1 Storage
#806 Support for Cloud storage on Microsoft Azure new feature major 7.7.1 Storage
#955 Support for Java8 will be dropped in the next version deprecation major 8.3.1 Core
#937 Support for SMB2 protocol (both import folder and storage) improvement major 8.2.2 Core
#938 Support for SMB3 protocol (both import folder and storage) improvement major 8.2.2 Core
#390 Support for Zonal OCR car031 improvement major OCR
#1006 Support for automation in Email Import new feature minor 8.4.1 Import / Export
#1021 Support for ePub, AZW3 and MOBI ebook files(indexing / preview) improvement minor 8.5 Core
#614 Support for locking in WebDAV protocol improvement major 7.4.1 WebDAV
#1096 Support for new Zoho authentication bug minor 8.7 Zoho
#814 Support for runviaservice option of DocToAnyConverter improvement minor 7.7.2 Format Conversion
#264 Support for the Swedish language improvement minor 6.6 Core
#871 Support for the polish language improvement minor 8.0 User Interface
#1063 Support the 2FA for permalinks improvement minor 8.6 Split
#1115 Support to protocol SMBv1 will be removed in the next release deprecation minor 8.7.1 Import / Export
#719 Supported charsets other than UTF-8 when importing zip files improvement minor 7.5.3 Core
#728 Swedish localization improvement minor 7.5.4 User Interface
#778 Switch to MS SQL Jdbc Drivers task minor 7.7 Core
#482 Sync destroys file content when uploading/modifying via LogicalDOC Helpdesk bug critical Sync
#481 Sync does not update files that create temp working files when editing bug major Sync
#348 Sync doesn't sync items restored from trash until they are modified bug major Sync
#347 Sync moves files to trash if locally modified bug major Sync
#349 Sync not syncing document changes made on server side bug major Sync
#913 Syndication new feature major 8.2 Core
#168 Tag entry issue car031 bug minor 6.3.4 User Interface
#371 Tag flow widget to define document's tags improvement trivial 6.8.1 User Interface
#438 TagCloud computation bug minor 7.1 Core
#735 Tagging of workflow instances for better identification improvement minor 7.6 Workflow
#138 Tags are taken over too soon during type in Blucecio bug major 6.3.3 User Interface
#576 Template: Cleanup orphaned preset options improvement minor 7.4.1 Core
#397 Templates for composing emails improvement minor 7.6 User Interface
#211 Templates for email messages car031 new feature minor 6.5 Auditing
#811 Text area option for Extended Attributes improvement minor 7.7.1 User Interface
#1043 The Upload function does not work on Android App bug major Android App
#1004 The administrator can force the interface settings of a user and replicate the same to a selection of users improvement minor 8.4.1 User Interface
#954 The auto naming function does not work during checkin bug major 8.3.1 Core
#996 The calculation of documents tagged by word does not work admin bug minor 8.4 User Interface
#763 The quota mechanism does not work well bug major 7.6.3 Core
#434 Thumbnail always generated at 150px bug minor 7.0.1 Core
#702 Thumbnail and Pdf conversion for the .psd format improvement minor 7.5.2 Format Conversion
#703 Thumbnail, Pdf conversion, and indexing support for the .ai format(pdf compatibility option) improvement minor 7.5.2 Format Conversion
#426 Ticket Download, file names encoded IE 11 improvement minor 6.8.4 Core
#1145 Time driven automation triggers improvement major 8.8 Automation
#373 Tomcat Application fails to stop bug minor 6.8.1 Core
#1094 Total number of imported docs by each Import Folder improvement minor 8.7 Import / Export
#145 Translation of the item confirmation move messages wish trivial 6.4 User Interface
#746 Traverse the document links in a tree improvement minor 7.6.1 User Interface
#1064 Trust devices to skip second factor authentication improvement minor 8.6 Security
#830 Two Factors Authentication new feature major 7.7.3 Core
#1122 Two factors authentication through login key sent by email new feature minor 8.7.2 Authentication
#288 Two more sequences for CustomID: <folder_seq>, <folder_template_seq> improvement minor 6.6.2 Core
#342 US date format support in date editing widget improvement minor 6.8 User Interface
#403 Unable to add a Supervisor to a Workflow scheme bug trivial 6.8.3 User Interface
#293 Unable to add a new storage bug minor 6.7 Core
#817 Unable to assign users to new stamps bug major 7.7.2 Stamp
#661 Unable to configure Anonymous within a tenant bug minor 7.4.3 Core
#588 Unable to connect to the server blucecio bug minor Outlook Addin
#1045 Unable to delete some files bug minor 8.5.2 Core
#696 Unable to log in if the password contains the euro currency symbol bug trivial User Interface
#174 Unable to search for source type car031 bug minor 6.3.4 Search Engine
#283 Unable to update preset attributes via WebSevices bug trivial 6.6.2 Web Services
#910 Unable to upload document until you click a file in the system bug major Core
#579 Unexisting paths not handled in getObjectByPath method bug minor 7.3 CMIS
#828 Update Extended properties to a set of file ignoring empty fields car031 improvement minor 7.7.3 User Interface
#605 Update GWT and SmartGWT task major 7.4.1 User Interface
#456 Update WebDAV API task minor 7.4.2 WebDAV
#802 Update document preview component improvement minor 7.7.1 Preview
#1128 Update how-to for Docker Blucecio task minor Core
#1149 Updated CXF to version 3.5.2 task minor 8.8.1 Web Services
#1026 Updated the indexing engine task major 8.5 Search Engine
#212 Upgrade CXF to the latest 2.5.x task minor 6.5 Web Services
#263 Upgrade Flexpaper to latest release task major 6.6 User Interface
#231 Upgrade GTW-upload to latest 0.6.4 task minor 6.6 User Interface
#227 Upgrade MSSQL driver jTDS task minor 6.5 Core
#1074 Upgrade MariaDB in Virtual Appliance task major Core
#771 Upgrade PDFjs car031 task minor 7.6.4 Preview
#229 Upgrade POI to the latest 3.8 task minor 6.6 Core
#443 Upgrade Solr to version 4.9 task minor 7.1 Core
#697 Upgrade document preview technology task minor 7.5.1 User Interface
#442 Upgrade text extractor for MS Office docs task minor 7.1 Core
#267 Upgrade to the latest User Interface technologies improvement minor 6.6.1 User Interface
#310 Upload folders through DropSpot improvement minor 6.7.1 Import / Export
#321 Usabe tag cloud on Chrome improvement minor 6.7.2 User Interface
#498 Use MS Office to render the preview of docx, xlsx and pptx files(on Windows) improvement minor 7.1.3 Core
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