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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1062 Removed the External Call feature in favor of Custom Actions deprecation minor 8.6 User Interface
#1063 Support the 2FA for permalinks improvement minor 8.6 Split
#1064 Trust devices to skip second factor authentication improvement minor 8.6 Security
#1065 MD5 option for External Authentication removed from next release deprecation minor 8.6 LDAP / Active Directory
#1066 Geolocation of requests new feature major 8.6 Security
#1067 Redesign of main menu: search on the left, removed Personal menu, added Account menu improvement minor 8.6 User Interface
#1068 Zonal barcode recognition improvement major 8.6 Barcode
#1069 Add android module to the Community edition bug minor Android App
#1070 Custom Message Template for notification for subscription event improvement trivial 8.7.2 Auditing
#1071 GUI Setting to Show / Hide the application banner improvement minor 8.6.1 User Interface
#1072 Display total pages number in the folders navigator cursor improvement minor 8.6.1 User Interface
#1073 User avatars new feature minor 8.6.1 User Interface
#1074 Upgrade MariaDB in Virtual Appliance task major Core
#1075 Improved the quality of grids prints improvement minor 8.6.1 User Interface
#1076 Annotations of varous shapes (square, circle, arrow, line, label) improvement major 8.6.1 User Interface
#1077 Error in CustomID generation on version promotion bug major 8.6.1 Core
#1078 Enforce password history new feature minor 8.6.1 Security
#1079 Search for Boolean parameters not working bug minor 8.6.1 User Interface
#1080 Share searches among users improvement minor 8.6.1 Search Engine
#1081 Improve the Search Folder form improvement minor 8.6.1 User Interface
#1083 Login error after the initial change password attempt bug major User Interface
#1084 Oracle database does not support "as" for aliasing table names in from cluase bug trivial 8.6.1 Core
#1085 Document pages counter new feature minor 8.7 Core
#1087 Colored task names in workflow's dashboard improvement minor 8.7 Workflow
#1089 Web forms new feature major 8.7 Forms
#1090 Alert the user to stay on page when he closes the browser's window improvement minor 8.7 User Interface
#1091 API calls counter new feature minor 8.7 Web Services
#1092 Ability to update the right panels by pressing spacer on the keyboard improvement trivial 8.7 User Interface
#1093 history of processed entries in Import folders improvement minor 8.7.1 Import / Export
#1094 Total number of imported docs by each Import Folder improvement minor 8.7 Import / Export
#1095 Resize columns in a Dashlet improvement minor 8.7.1 User Interface
#1096 Support for new Zoho authentication bug minor 8.7 Zoho
#1097 GUI setting to define default number of elements in Workflow Dashlets improvement trivial 8.7 User Interface
#1098 Security policies for Workflows improvement major 8.7 Security
#1099 Prevent a user from selecting another file during metadata editing improvement trivial 8.7 User Interface
#1100 Subscriptions report improvement minor 8.7 Reports
#1101 Flag to enable / disable avatars in the documents and search grid improvement trivial 8.7.1 User Interface
#1102 Implementation of copy method in Document web service improvement trivial 8.7.1 Web Services
#1103 Automatic alert message to all connected users when shutting down from the GUI improvement trivial 8.7.1 User Interface
#1104 Option to notify users at checkin as during the creation improvement minor 8.7.1 User Interface
#1105 Handle multiple calendar event reminders improvement minor 8.7.1 Calendar
#1106 updated javascript preview engine improvement trivial 8.7.1 User Interface
#1107 Added color attribute to documents improvement minor 8.7.1 User Interface
#1108 Share contacts among users and groups new feature minor 8.7.1 Core
#1109 Customizable display date format improvement minor 8.7.1 User Interface
#1110 Preview and indexing of RAR v4 files improvement minor 8.7.1 Core
#1111 Preview and indexing of TAR files improvement minor 8.7.1 Core
#1112 Preview and indexing of GZ files improvement minor 8.7.1 Core
#1113 Preview and indexing of 7Z files improvement minor 8.7.1 Core
#1115 Support to protocol SMBv1 will be removed in the next release deprecation minor 8.7.1 Import / Export
#1116 SMTP connection issues with Gmail bug minor 8.7.2 Core
#1117 Restrict the visibility of templates to certain users and groups improvement major 8.7.2 Core
#1118 Users with expiration date new feature minor 8.7.2 Core
#1120 Option to enforce the user's working time new feature major 8.7.2 Core
#1121 Disable users inactive after a configurable amount of days new feature minor 8.7.2 Security
#1122 Two factors authentication through login key sent by email new feature minor 8.7.2 Authentication
#1123 exceed the dimensional limits of REST documentMetadata-setAttributeOptions improvement minor 8.8.5 Web Services
#1124 Outlook addin server connection error task minor Outlook Addin
#1125 Link email and it's attachment improvement minor Outlook Addin
#1126 Passing dynamic parameters to stamps improvement minor 8.7.3 Stamp
#1127 more full branding options (head, top, bottom, footer) improvement minor 8.7.3 Branding
#1128 Update how-to for Docker Blucecio task minor Core
#1129 Configurable columns set in dashlets of type Document and Document Event improvement major 8.7.3 User Interface
#1130 Specify new folder metadata when copying an existing one to a different location improvement minor 8.7.3 User Interface
#1131 Changed the signature of automation method FolderTool.copy task trivial 8.7.3 Automation
#1132 Changed the signature of webservice method FolderService.copy task trivial 8.7.3 Web Services
#1133 Integration with Duo Two Factors Authenticator new feature major 8.7.3 Security
#1134 Open in folder from Last Changes report improvement trivial 8.7.4 User Interface
#1136 Distributed storage among the Cluster nodes new feature major 8.7.4 Clustering
#1137 broken grid layout whens electing a record when filtering is active bug minor 8.8.1 User Interface
#1138 Customizable segments naming when splitting improvement minor 8.7.4 Split
#1139 Bulk update available in search screen improvement minor 8.7.4 User Interface
#1140 Notify users with internal message also when a document has been created or checked-in improvement minor 8.7.4 Auditing
#1142 Customizable visualiation of digital signature improvement minor 8.8 Digital Signature
#1143 User's personal signature new feature minor 8.8 Stamp
#1144 Define an automation routine in reaction to calendar event reminders improvement minor 8.8 Calendar
#1145 Time driven automation triggers improvement major 8.8 Automation
#1146 Ability to sort scheduled activities by name improvement major 8.8 User Interface
#1147 Searching in the iOS app returns few results bug minor 8.8.1 iPad and iPhone App
#1148 Visual composer of cron expressions improvement minor 8.8.1 User Interface
#1149 Updated CXF to version 3.5.2 task minor 8.8.1 Web Services
#1150 Configuration parameter to enable or disable the editing of the notes/annotations wish minor 8.8.1 Annotations
#1151 Wider data range in the graphical year picker improvement trivial 8.8.1 User Interface
#1152 floating buttons from date selector bug minor 8.8.1 User Interface
#1153 OpenSSL vulnerability CVE-2022-1292 bug minor 8.8.1 Security
#1154 Customizable fields validation new feature major 8.8.1 Core
#1156 Switch to Tesseract 5.1 in Windows setup task minor Installer
#1157 Customizable fields initialization new feature major 8.8.2 Core
#1158 Dependant drop-down lists new feature minor 8.8.2 User Interface
#1159 Enforce password strength improvement minor 8.8.2 Core
#1160 Firewall policies for URL contents improvement minor 8.8.2 Security
#1161 Filters by date on full-text search are not considered bug minor 8.8.2 Search Engine
#1162 configurable list of allowed external commands improvement major 8.8.3 Security
#1163 Option to crop visible part of images before the OCR improvement minor 8.8.3 OCR
#1164 Flag to decide if the OCR must raise an error in case of empty extraction improvement minor 8.8.3 OCR
#1166 Configurable limit of OCR threads improvement minor 8.8.3 OCR
#1168 Error 500 on Scheduled Tasks bug major User Interface
#1169 Display a counter of imported emails improvement minor 8.8.4 Import / Export
#1170 System-wide dictionary for Automation(variable $systemDictionary) improvement minor 8.8.4 Automation
#1171 Read-only extendend attributes improvement major 8.8.4 Core
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