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#145 Translation of the item confirmation move messages wish trivial 6.4 User Interface
#148 Events timestamp not correctly shown in Last Changes bug trivial 6.3.3 User Interface
#166 Settings changes should take immediate effect improvement trivial 6.3.4 User Interface
#178 Summaries for each document improvement trivial User Interface
#182 Change template's name improvement trivial 6.4.1 User Interface
#184 Additional characters for usernames car031 improvement trivial 6.3.5 User Interface
#190 Indicate effective search depth improvement trivial 6.3.5 User Interface
#192 Bad filename encoding during download with Safari bug trivial User Interface
#193 Attributes values not set in WSTemplate bug trivial Web Services
#202 Ability to add comment to document version via webservices improvement trivial 6.4.1 Web Services
#207 Group policies not inherited bug trivial 6.4.1 User Interface
#220 Default document's detail tab car031 improvement trivial 6.4.2 User Interface
#228 Preview in Versions history improvement trivial 6.5 User Interface
#244 Bug in Personal Profile -> Welcome Screen wish trivial User Interface
#253 Configurable timeout for webservice clients improvement trivial 6.6 Web Services
#254 Asynchronous folder's deletion improvement trivial 6.5.2 User Interface
#283 Unable to update preset attributes via WebSevices bug trivial 6.6.2 Web Services
#314 Log Download utility new feature trivial 6.7.2 Core
#331 Allow input of '-' char in tag widget car031 bug trivial 6.7.3 User Interface
#345 Reload Button on Documents Browsing Bar wish trivial 6.8.2 User Interface
#371 Tag flow widget to define document's tags improvement trivial 6.8.1 User Interface
#379 Contents of window cut off in parametric search bug trivial 7.1.3 Core
#383 PB with french translation template mail after user creation bug trivial Core
#401 Implementation of CMIS method getObjectByPath new feature trivial 6.8.2 CMIS
#403 Unable to add a Supervisor to a Workflow scheme bug trivial 6.8.3 User Interface
#425 FolderId Barcode Generator new feature trivial 6.8.4 Core
#432 Simplified look&feel improvement trivial 7.0.1 Core
#433 Erroneus stats calculation after database cleaning bug trivial 7.0.1 Core
#450 LibreOffice CMIS compliance improvement trivial 7.1 CMIS
#455 Wrong title for option for renaming of E-mail subject improvement trivial Outlook Addin
#457 More file icons improvement trivial 7.1.1 User Interface
#465 Simpler TagCloud 2D improvement trivial 7.1.1 User Interface
#497 User can empty the trash can improvement trivial 7.1.3 User Interface
#503 Empty column "Type" bug trivial 7.1.3 Generic
#505 'Inherit security' option when copying a folder improvement trivial 7.1.3 Core
#548 Change timestamp to datetime in MySQL improvement trivial 7.2.1 Core
#592 Correctly handle non-latin chars when sending emails bug trivial 7.4 Core
#612 Removed the embedded option for DropSpot deprecation trivial 7.4.1 User Interface
#620 Removed the support for Internet Explorer 8 deprecation trivial 7.4.2 User Interface
#664 Removed support for Internet Explorer 10 deprecation trivial 7.5 User Interface
#678 Paste as PDF alias issues Bug trivial 7.5 Core
#691 Add Documents Issue - '&' and '%' symbols fail bug trivial 7.5 User Interface
#693 Save event of Workflow Task Reassigned wish trivial 7.6 Workflow
#696 Unable to log in if the password contains the euro currency symbol bug trivial User Interface
#716 Ability to change default sort order of folders Feature Request trivial 7.5.4 User Interface
#717 Move/Copy alias must not alter the original document bug trivial 7.5.3 User Interface
#721 Configure the default ordered set of columns in the documents grid new feature trivial 7.5.4 User Interface
#722 Option to diable the automatic opening of the Default workspace new feature trivial 7.6 User Interface
#723 500 Error bug trivial Core
#752 Display a heart icon to mark bookmarked documents improvement trivial 7.6.3 User Interface
#753 CSV export workflow hitories improvement trivial 7.6.3 Workflow
#756 Quota Alert bug trivial Core
#812 Option to disable specific format converters improvement trivial 7.7.1 Format Conversion
#825 document.published is always =1 when using the SOAP API. LogicalDoc version v7.7 bug trivial 7.7.2 Web Services
#834 Columns - File Name - not active task trivial User Interface
#852 LogicalDOC Android App: Bug on Ext. Properties - INTEGER bug trivial Android App
#869 DocumentMetadata web service moved from Enterprise to Community task trivial 8.0 Web Services
#881 Aggiungere il campo time all'autocomposizione del nome mail new feature trivial Outlook Addin
#886 Menu for Versions section improvement trivial 8.1 User Interface
#931 Ability to enable/disable language selector in the login form improvement trivial 8.2.1 User Interface
#932 Removed support of DBMS MySQL 5.0 and 5.1 deprecation trivial 8.2.1 Core
#933 Removed support of Oracle 9 deprecation trivial 8.2.1 Core
#936 RSS feeds on folder and documents have been removed task trivial 8.2.2 RSS
#965 Added method DocTool.delete(long docId) improvement trivial 8.3.2 Automation
#977 Flag to enable/disable autocompletion of extended attribute fields improvement trivial 8.3.4 User Interface
#1036 Additional FolderTool methods improvement trivial 8.5.1 Automation
#1070 Custom Message Template for notification for subscription event improvement trivial 8.7.2 Auditing
#1084 Oracle database does not support "as" for aliasing table names in from cluase bug trivial 8.6.1 Core
#1092 Ability to update the right panels by pressing spacer on the keyboard improvement trivial 8.7 User Interface
#1097 GUI setting to define default number of elements in Workflow Dashlets improvement trivial 8.7 User Interface
#1099 Prevent a user from selecting another file during metadata editing improvement trivial 8.7 User Interface
#1101 Flag to enable / disable avatars in the documents and search grid improvement trivial 8.7.1 User Interface
#1102 Implementation of copy method in Document web service improvement trivial 8.7.1 Web Services
#1103 Automatic alert message to all connected users when shutting down from the GUI improvement trivial 8.7.1 User Interface
#1106 updated javascript preview engine improvement trivial 8.7.1 User Interface
#1131 Changed the signature of automation method FolderTool.copy task trivial 8.7.3 Automation
#1132 Changed the signature of webservice method FolderService.copy task trivial 8.7.3 Web Services
#1134 Open in folder from Last Changes report improvement trivial 8.7.4 User Interface
#1151 Wider data range in the graphical year picker improvement trivial 8.8.1 User Interface
#136 Sometimes the upload doesn't work (documents do not appear) car031 bug minor 6.4 User Interface
#137 Enable the Czech language improvement minor 6.3.2 User Interface
#141 Default template and metadata for each Folder car031 new feature minor 6.4 Core
#143 Remember view in folder pane improvement minor 6.3.3 User Interface
#144 Bookmarks on Folders car031 improvement minor 6.4 User Interface
#149 Digital signature must use the file version bug minor 6.3.3 Digital Signature
#151 Size of "Move" dialogue box. car031 improvement minor 6.3.3 User Interface
#152 Metadata not stored if there is a Workflow trigger car031 bug minor 6.3.3 Workflow
#155 Workflow - Dynamic task assignment based on metadata field new feature minor 6.6.1 Workflow
#157 Option to copy folders improvement minor 7.1 User Interface
#158 Drop spot modifications improvement minor 6.3.4 User Interface
#164 Ability to download multiple files at once improvement minor 6.3.4 User Interface
#165 Have tab/page title show folder selected. car031 improvement minor 6.3.4 User Interface
#168 Tag entry issue car031 bug minor 6.3.4 User Interface
#170 Permanent Download Link car031 new feature minor 6.3.4 Core
#171 Abort a running Workflow car031 improvement minor 6.3.4 Workflow
#172 Exception when importing massive users from Active Directory car031 bug minor 6.3.4 LDAP / Active Directory
#173 Direct import from LDAP and Active Directory improvement minor 6.4 LDAP / Active Directory
#174 Unable to search for source type car031 bug minor 6.3.4 Search Engine
#179 Pdf generated correctly but not downloaded bug minor 6.3.5 Core
#180 Move folder name to beginning of tab/window title improvement minor 6.3.5 User Interface
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