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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#676 REST implementation of web services new feature major 7.5 Web Services
#677 SOAP webservices refactoring improvement minor 7.5 Web Services
#738 Removed the deprecated webservice method DocumentService.list deprecation minor 7.6 Web Services
#739 Create download tickets with the webservice improvement minor 7.6 Web Services
#758 Web service to easily manage tags car031 new feature minor 7.6.3 Web Services
#759 Web service methods to add or manage the notes on documents car031 improvement minor 7.6.3 Web Services
#760 Web service to add and retrieve bookmarks to documents and folders car031 new feature minor 7.6.3 Web Services
#761 Web service method to rate a document car031 new feature minor 7.6.3 Web Services
#762 Delete a version of a file with SOAP API Blucecio improvement minor 7.6.4 Web Services
#825 document.published is always =1 when using the SOAP API. LogicalDoc version v7.7 bug trivial 7.7.2 Web Services
#831 Web Service for converting documents new feature minor 7.7.3 Web Services
#869 DocumentMetadata web service moved from Enterprise to Community task trivial 8.0 Web Services
#904 Webservice to apply stamps improvement minor 8.1.1 Web Services
#907 Create method findByPath in REST interface improvement minor 8.2 Web Services
#908 Order expression in EnterpriseSerarch improvement minor 8.2 Web Services
#909 Chunk uploads with webservices new feature minor 8.2 Web Services
#916 SQL queries through Webservices new feature minor 8.2 Web Services
#926 Removed path attribute of WSDocument task minor 8.2.1 Web Services
#929 chuncked downloads through SOAP API improvement minor 8.2.1 Web Services
#986 New webservice method WorkflowService.reassign improvement minor 8.4 Web Services
#1056 Implement enterprise search functions in REST mode improvement minor 8.6 Web Services
#1091 API calls counter new feature minor 8.7 Web Services
#1102 Implementation of copy method in Document web service improvement trivial 8.7.1 Web Services
#1132 Changed the signature of webservice method FolderService.copy task trivial 8.7.3 Web Services
#1149 Updated CXF to version 3.5.2 task minor 8.8.1 Web Services
#235 Connection through WebDAV shows empty folder bug major 6.5.1 WebDAV
#456 Update WebDAV API task minor 7.4.2 WebDAV
#606 Deleting individual files via webdav dont go to trash bug minor 7.4 WebDAV
#614 Support for locking in WebDAV protocol improvement major 7.4.1 WebDAV
#747 Basic WebDAV implementation for clients like Windows new feature minor 7.6.1 WebDAV
#884 Optimized WebDAV performances improvement minor 8.0.1 WebDAV
#1022 multi-connection access via webdav client test minor WebDAV
#1051 WebDAV cache removed because of superseeded by other optimizations deprecation minor 8.5.2 WebDAV
#990 Wordpress bug blocker Wordpress
#139 Workflow transition effects effects improvement major 6.4 Workflow
#152 Metadata not stored if there is a Workflow trigger car031 bug minor 6.3.3 Workflow
#154 Workflow - assign task to user groups improvement major 6.6 Workflow
#155 Workflow - Dynamic task assignment based on metadata field new feature minor 6.6.1 Workflow
#171 Abort a running Workflow car031 improvement minor 6.3.4 Workflow
#186 Connection unlinked after scroll bug major 6.3.5 Workflow
#256 Workflow trigger not fired bug minor 6.5.2 Workflow
#272 Notify users at wotkfllow end car031 improvement minor 6.6.1 Workflow
#297 Delete workflow instances when the associated workflow template is deleted improvement minor 6.7 Workflow
#346 Execute scripts in workflow task object car031 new feature major 7.5.1 Workflow
#551 Duplicate tasks in 'tasks i can own' bug minor 7.2.1 Workflow
#571 Notifications not issued at workflow end bug minor 7.3 Workflow
#581 Interaction with the workflow from within e-mail new feature minor 7.3 Workflow
#622 See document name or custom ID in workflow dashboard lists improvement minor Workflow
#626 Workflow does not start from the beginning bug major 7.4.3 Workflow
#630 Workflow undeploy should warn that all active workflows will be deleted. new feature minor 7.4.3 Workflow
#693 Save event of Workflow Task Reassigned wish trivial 7.6 Workflow
#734 Notes on workflow tasks new feature minor 7.6 Workflow
#735 Tagging of workflow instances for better identification improvement minor 7.6 Workflow
#736 Improvements in the visualization and search of workflow histories improvement minor 7.6 Workflow
#737 Access to the workflow history from inside the workflow automation improvement minor 7.6 Workflow
#740 Remove workflow attached document improvement minor 7.6.1 Workflow
#750 Checkout/Checkin from Workflow dashboard improvement minor 7.6.3 Workflow
#753 CSV export workflow hitories improvement trivial 7.6.3 Workflow
#780 File format conversions inside the Workflow Automation new feature minor 7.7 Workflow
#835 Display the current instance's history to participants of the workflow improvement minor 7.7.3 Workflow
#849 Colored workflow status improvement minor 7.7.4 Workflow
#857 Graphical representation of the Workflow completion improvement major 7.7.5 Workflow
#947 Multiple workflow supervisors improvement minor 8.3 Workflow
#971 Customizable notification message per task improvement minor 8.3.3 Workflow
#983 Alert messages for supervisors with consolidated copies of the messages sent to the participants improvement minor 8.3.4 Workflow
#1031 Automation script triggered by workflow task completion improvement minor 8.5.1 Workflow
#1037 Versioned workflow schemes improvement major 8.5.1 Workflow
#1047 Option to require users to leave a note in order to complete a workflow task new feature minor 8.5.2 Workflow
#1087 Colored task names in workflow's dashboard improvement minor 8.7 Workflow
#706 Zoho integration Import/Export/Editing car031 new feature major 7.5.2 Zoho
#1096 Support for new Zoho authentication bug minor 8.7 Zoho
#1012 Zonal OCR new feature major 8.4.2 Zonal OCR
#353 Cannot create folder in iphone/ipad app bug minor iPad and iPhone App
#420 LogicalDOC mobile app doesn't work on IOS 7.1 fulger59 bug critical iPad and iPhone App
#423 Search bar at top of screen on iphone bug minor iPad and iPhone App
#424 Viewing previous document versions crashes iPhone app fulger59 bug minor iPad and iPhone App
#448 Search bar disappears in iphone app Blucecio bug major iPad and iPhone App
#562 iPad/iPhone app crashes when opening for the first time with no internet connection Blucecio bug minor iPad and iPhone App
#616 No program options appear for opening documents in iPad/iPhone App. Blucecio bug major iPad and iPhone App
#681 iPhone app cannot upload Photo Bug major iPad and iPhone App
#714 Add symbol does not work on iPad in portrait mode bug minor iPad and iPhone App
#743 Cannot configure multiple instances in iphone app bug minor iPad and iPhone App
#744 Cannot view older document versions on iphone bug major iPad and iPhone App
#1147 Searching in the iOS app returns few results bug minor 8.8.1 iPad and iPhone App
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