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#772 File format conversions new feature major 7.6.4 Core
#775 Add versioning feature to the Mobile Web-interface car031 improvement major 7.6.4 User Interface
#795 Pluggable and configurable Format Convertsion System new feature major 7.7 Core
#798 Removed the 'title' metadata of the Documents (use only the 'fileName') deprecation major 7.7 Core
#805 Support for Cloud storage on Amazon S3 new feature major 7.7.1 Storage
#806 Support for Cloud storage on Microsoft Azure new feature major 7.7.1 Storage
#810 Web interface reacting on remote events (Server Push) new feature major 7.7.1 User Interface
#816 Configurable skin and CSS customization new feature major 7.7.2 User Interface
#817 Unable to assign users to new stamps bug major 7.7.2 Stamp
#818 Search on External Properties is not working Blucecio bug major 7.7.2 User Interface
#820 LD 7.7.1 - Login Permalink: User with Umlaut as pwd not works bug major 7.7.2 Core
#821 Preview problems with 7.1.1 PDF.js (CentOS Server, Windows Clients) bug major 7.7.2 Format Conversion
#822 Add new flag to SMTP settings improvement major 7.7.2 User Interface
#823 Edit Properties in Office Addin does not display custom attributes correctly improvement major Office Addin
#830 Two Factors Authentication new feature major 7.7.3 Core
#847 Drop support for 32bit systems deprecation major 7.7.4 Core
#848 GUI performance degradation bug major 7.7.4 User Interface
#851 Control to change display page on large folder has problem bug major 7.7.5 User Interface
#857 Graphical representation of the Workflow completion improvement major 7.7.5 Workflow
#864 Virtual Intelligent Agent (VIA) new feature major 8.0 Core
#870 Extended ImportFolders feature to connect to FTP/FTPS/SFTP servers improvement major 8.0 Import / Export
#876 Single sign-on(SSO) via CAS new feature major 8.1 Authentication
#878 Chat and Instant Messaging new feature major 8.0.1 Generic
#892 Automation routines to introduce custom logic in reaction to system events new feature major 8.1 Core
#895 Folders tree pagination improvement major 8.2.1 User Interface
#902 Compatibility with Java11 task major 8.1.1 Core
#906 Read-only users new feature major 8.2 Core
#910 Unable to upload document until you click a file in the system bug major Core
#911 Access denied bug major Authentication
#913 Syndication new feature major 8.2 Core
#915 Outlook Addin new message bug major Android App
#924 Parallel indexing improvement major 8.2.1 Core
#925 Support S3 storage through IAM Role improvement major 8.2.1 Storage
#928 Preview of DICOM files improvement major 8.2.1 User Interface
#937 Support for SMB2 protocol (both import folder and storage) improvement major 8.2.2 Core
#938 Support for SMB3 protocol (both import folder and storage) improvement major 8.2.2 Core
#939 Ability to configure more than one AD / LDAP authentication servers improvement major 8.2.2 Core
#941 Integration of the remote conversion service Convertio improvement major 8.2.2 Format Conversion
#942 Replaced actual DropSpot with pure HTML 5 implementation improvement major 8.3 User Interface
#944 Configurable comparation engine new feature major 8.3 Comparison
#954 The auto naming function does not work during checkin bug major 8.3.1 Core
#955 Support for Java8 will be dropped in the next version deprecation major 8.3.1 Core
#956 Visual positioning of stamps new feature major 8.3.1 Stamp
#957 Visual positioning of digital signatures new feature major 8.3.1 Digital Signature
#963 Extended attibutes with multiple values improvement major 8.3.2 Core
#972 Automation editor with code completion and graphical highlights improvement major 8.3.3 Automation
#979 Ability to annotate in the body of any document improvement major 8.3.4 Core
#980 the 'move folder' function changes the name of the moved folder bug major 8.3.4 User Interface
#981 Stamps with HTML formatting improvement major 8.3.4 Stamp
#991 PDF Splitting capabilities new feature major 8.4 Split
#1001 Extended attributes of type Folder improvement major 8.4.1 Core
#1005 Automation routines can be associated to a template in order to define input values improvement major 8.4.1 Automation
#1008 Save documents grid layout on a per folder basis improvement major 8.4.1 User Interface
#1012 Zonal OCR new feature major 8.4.2 Zonal OCR
#1016 Connection to databse lost bug major Core
#1018 XSS Vulnerability bug major 8.4.2 Security
#1024 Integration with DocuSign eSignature online service new feature major 8.5 DocuSign
#1026 Updated the indexing engine task major 8.5 Search Engine
#1030 LogicalDOC Android app issues bug major Android App
#1037 Versioned workflow schemes improvement major 8.5.1 Workflow
#1043 The Upload function does not work on Android App bug major Android App
#1066 Geolocation of requests new feature major 8.6 Security
#1068 Zonal barcode recognition improvement major 8.6 Barcode
#1074 Upgrade MariaDB in Virtual Appliance task major Core
#1076 Annotations of varous shapes (square, circle, arrow, line, label) improvement major 8.6.1 User Interface
#1077 Error in CustomID generation on version promotion bug major 8.6.1 Core
#1083 Login error after the initial change password attempt bug major User Interface
#1089 Web forms new feature major 8.7 Forms
#1098 Security policies for Workflows improvement major 8.7 Security
#1117 Restrict the visibility of templates to certain users and groups improvement major 8.7.2 Core
#1120 Option to enforce the user's working time new feature major 8.7.2 Core
#1129 Configurable columns set in dashlets of type Document and Document Event improvement major 8.7.3 User Interface
#1133 Integration with Duo Two Factors Authenticator new feature major 8.7.3 Security
#1136 Distributed storage among the Cluster nodes new feature major 8.7.4 Clustering
#1145 Time driven automation triggers improvement major 8.8 Automation
#1146 Ability to sort scheduled activities by name improvement major 8.8 User Interface
#1154 Customizable fields validation new feature major 8.8.1 Core
#420 LogicalDOC mobile app doesn't work on IOS 7.1 fulger59 bug critical iPad and iPhone App
#482 Sync destroys file content when uploading/modifying via LogicalDOC Helpdesk bug critical Sync
#898 Deletion of user group data bug critical Authentication
#951 Issue with downloading and previewing documents bug critical Documentation
#176 Access Denied foillowing upgrades to 6.3.4 bug blocker Core
#808 urgent loading error Radwa bug blocker Core
#990 Wordpress bug blocker Wordpress
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