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#814 Support for runviaservice option of DocToAnyConverter improvement minor 7.7.2 Format Conversion
#815 Ability to change the interface density new feature minor 7.7.2 User Interface
#816 Configurable skin and CSS customization new feature major 7.7.2 User Interface
#817 Unable to assign users to new stamps bug major 7.7.2 Stamp
#818 Search on External Properties is not working Blucecio bug major 7.7.2 User Interface
#820 LD 7.7.1 - Login Permalink: User with Umlaut as pwd not works bug major 7.7.2 Core
#821 Preview problems with 7.1.1 PDF.js (CentOS Server, Windows Clients) bug major 7.7.2 Format Conversion
#822 Add new flag to SMTP settings improvement major 7.7.2 User Interface
#823 Edit Properties in Office Addin does not display custom attributes correctly improvement major Office Addin
#825 document.published is always =1 when using the SOAP API. LogicalDoc version v7.7 bug trivial 7.7.2 Web Services
#827 Compliance with new Dropbox API v2 improvement minor 7.7.3 Dropbox
#828 Update Extended properties to a set of file ignoring empty fields car031 improvement minor 7.7.3 User Interface
#829 Option to run LibreOffice as daemon or command line improvement minor 7.7.3 Preview
#830 Two Factors Authentication new feature major 7.7.3 Core
#831 Web Service for converting documents new feature minor 7.7.3 Web Services
#834 Columns - File Name - not active task trivial User Interface
#835 Display the current instance's history to participants of the workflow improvement minor 7.7.3 Workflow
#838 Display button in Indexing queue does not seem to be working bug minor 7.7.3 User Interface
#841 Dropbox authorization problem bug minor 7.7.3 Dropbox
#846 Details on a document give 404 bug minor 7.7.4 User Interface
#847 Drop support for 32bit systems deprecation major 7.7.4 Core
#848 GUI performance degradation bug major 7.7.4 User Interface
#849 Colored workflow status improvement minor 7.7.4 Workflow
#851 Control to change display page on large folder has problem bug major 7.7.5 User Interface
#852 LogicalDOC Android App: Bug on Ext. Properties - INTEGER bug trivial Android App
#853 Support Nuance Power PDF OCR engine improvement minor 8.1 OCR
#854 Integration with the online OCR Web Service new feature minor 7.7.5 OCR
#855 Introduction of EMAIL permission improvement minor 7.7.5 Core
#856 Introduction of MOVE permission improvement minor 7.7.5 Core
#857 Graphical representation of the Workflow completion improvement major 7.7.5 Workflow
#858 CMIS query - how to search for document content bug minor 7.7.5 CMIS
#861 Ability to add a group to calendar notifications improvement minor 8.0.1 Calendar
#862 Save Problem on Task Scheduling and Email Account import Blucecio bug minor User Interface
#863 Searching Null Values improvement minor 8.0.1 Search Engine
#864 Virtual Intelligent Agent (VIA) new feature major 8.0 Core
#867 Integrated FTP / FTPS server new feature minor 8.0 Core
#868 Preview of P7M file format improvement minor 8.0 User Interface
#869 DocumentMetadata web service moved from Enterprise to Community task trivial 8.0 Web Services
#870 Extended ImportFolders feature to connect to FTP/FTPS/SFTP servers improvement major 8.0 Import / Export
#871 Support for the polish language improvement minor 8.0 User Interface
#872 Permalink to the specific document version improvement minor 8.0 User Interface
#873 Introduction of vectorial icons for a more professional interface improvement minor 8.0 User Interface
#874 Compatibility with Java10 task minor 8.0 Core
#875 Ability to print the full-path of a document in a Stamp improvement minor 8.0 Core
#876 Single sign-on(SSO) via CAS new feature major 8.1 Authentication
#878 Chat and Instant Messaging new feature major 8.0.1 Generic
#879 Record the reason for signing (compliance with medial standard 21CFR Part 11) improvement minor 8.1 Digital Signature
#880 Compatibility with MySQL8 improvement minor 8.0.1 Core
#881 Aggiungere il campo time all'autocomposizione del nome mail new feature trivial Outlook Addin
#882 office plugin / comment field improvement minor Office Addin
#884 Optimized WebDAV performances improvement minor 8.0.1 WebDAV
#886 Menu for Versions section improvement trivial 8.1 User Interface
#888 Inclusion and exclusion filters in barcode recognition patterns improvement minor 8.1 Barcode
#889 Creation of BarcodeTool class to simplify barcode handling from inside the Automation improvement minor 8.1 Barcode
#892 Automation routines to introduce custom logic in reaction to system events new feature major 8.1 Core
#894 problema metadati office addin adminusername bug minor Office Addin
#895 Folders tree pagination improvement major 8.2.1 User Interface
#896 Version promotion improvement minor 8.1 Core
#897 Code completion in preset extended attributes car031 improvement minor 8.1.1 User Interface
#898 Deletion of user group data bug critical Authentication
#899 Strange characters in form bug minor 8.1.1 Forms
#900 Allow session id in the request as parameter improvement minor 8.1.1 Security
#901 Ability to launch an automation routine from an automation script (AutomationTool) improvement minor 8.1.1 Automation
#902 Compatibility with Java11 task major 8.1.1 Core
#903 Configurable indexing order improvement minor 8.1.1 Search Engine
#904 Webservice to apply stamps improvement minor 8.1.1 Web Services
#905 SignTool to sign documents in automation scripts improvement minor 8.1.1 Digital Signature
#906 Read-only users new feature major 8.2 Core
#907 Create method findByPath in REST interface improvement minor 8.2 Web Services
#908 Order expression in EnterpriseSerarch improvement minor 8.2 Web Services
#909 Chunk uploads with webservices new feature minor 8.2 Web Services
#910 Unable to upload document until you click a file in the system bug major Core
#911 Access denied bug major Authentication
#912 Preview of signed Outlook messages improvement minor 8.2 Outlook Addin
#913 Syndication new feature major 8.2 Core
#915 Outlook Addin new message bug major Android App
#916 SQL queries through Webservices new feature minor 8.2 Web Services
#918 LDAP navigator(Java Webstart) is deprecated and no more available in the next release deprecation minor 8.2 User Interface
#919 Compare between two versions exits in error bug minor 8.2 User Interface
#921 Parametric search does handle properly the Template selector bug minor 8.2 User Interface
#922 Removed Java Webstart apps task minor 8.2.1 User Interface
#923 Ability to update document properties via CMIS during checkin improvement minor 8.2.1 CMIS
#924 Parallel indexing improvement major 8.2.1 Core
#925 Support S3 storage through IAM Role improvement major 8.2.1 Storage
#926 Removed path attribute of WSDocument task minor 8.2.1 Web Services
#927 Integration with CoolTool TotalImageConverter new feature minor 8.2.1 Format Conversion
#928 Preview of DICOM files improvement major 8.2.1 User Interface
#929 chuncked downloads through SOAP API improvement minor 8.2.1 Web Services
#930 patches distribution through the administration improvement minor 8.2.1 Core
#931 Ability to enable/disable language selector in the login form improvement trivial 8.2.1 User Interface
#932 Removed support of DBMS MySQL 5.0 and 5.1 deprecation trivial 8.2.1 Core
#933 Removed support of Oracle 9 deprecation trivial 8.2.1 Core
#935 RSS feeds are deprecated and no more available in future releases deprecation minor 8.2.1 RSS
#936 RSS feeds on folder and documents have been removed task trivial 8.2.2 RSS
#937 Support for SMB2 protocol (both import folder and storage) improvement major 8.2.2 Core
#938 Support for SMB3 protocol (both import folder and storage) improvement major 8.2.2 Core
#939 Ability to configure more than one AD / LDAP authentication servers improvement major 8.2.2 Core
#940 Enable the call of automation routines inside CustomID/AutoNaming/AutoFolding schemes improvement minor 8.2.2 Automation
#941 Integration of the remote conversion service Convertio improvement major 8.2.2 Format Conversion
#942 Replaced actual DropSpot with pure HTML 5 implementation improvement major 8.3 User Interface
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