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#1083 Login error after the initial change password attempt bug major User Interface
#1084 Oracle database does not support "as" for aliasing table names in from cluase bug trivial 8.6.1 Core
#1096 Support for new Zoho authentication bug minor 8.7 Zoho
#1116 SMTP connection issues with Gmail bug minor 8.7.2 Core
#1137 broken grid layout whens electing a record when filtering is active bug minor 8.8.1 User Interface
#1147 Searching in the iOS app returns few results bug minor 8.8.1 iPad and iPhone App
#1152 floating buttons from date selector bug minor 8.8.1 User Interface
#1153 OpenSSL vulnerability CVE-2022-1292 bug minor 8.8.1 Security
#666 Preview of older document versions displays latest version only defect minor 7.5 User Interface
#612 Removed the embedded option for DropSpot deprecation trivial 7.4.1 User Interface
#620 Removed the support for Internet Explorer 8 deprecation trivial 7.4.2 User Interface
#664 Removed support for Internet Explorer 10 deprecation trivial 7.5 User Interface
#671 Removed all Java Applets deprecation minor 7.5 User Interface
#688 Removed support for Java7 deprecation major 7.5 Core
#738 Removed the deprecated webservice method DocumentService.list deprecation minor 7.6 Web Services
#798 Removed the 'title' metadata of the Documents (use only the 'fileName') deprecation major 7.7 Core
#847 Drop support for 32bit systems deprecation major 7.7.4 Core
#918 LDAP navigator(Java Webstart) is deprecated and no more available in the next release deprecation minor 8.2 User Interface
#932 Removed support of DBMS MySQL 5.0 and 5.1 deprecation trivial 8.2.1 Core
#933 Removed support of Oracle 9 deprecation trivial 8.2.1 Core
#935 RSS feeds are deprecated and no more available in future releases deprecation minor 8.2.1 RSS
#955 Support for Java8 will be dropped in the next version deprecation major 8.3.1 Core
#958 Dropped the need of password for storing users certificates deprecation minor 8.3.1 Digital Signature
#1051 WebDAV cache removed because of superseeded by other optimizations deprecation minor 8.5.2 WebDAV
#1062 Removed the External Call feature in favor of Custom Actions deprecation minor 8.6 User Interface
#1065 MD5 option for External Authentication removed from next release deprecation minor 8.6 LDAP / Active Directory
#1115 Support to protocol SMBv1 will be removed in the next release deprecation minor 8.7.1 Import / Export
#665 Optimization of tags handling for huge repositories enhancement minor 7.5 Core
#672 Add "Edit with Office" option to right click context menu enhancement minor 7.5.4 User Interface
#673 Allow users to specify a default workspace in addition to a welcome screen enhancement minor 7.6 User Interface
#674 Ability to select attachments for upload using Outlook addin enhancement minor Outlook Addin
#137 Enable the Czech language improvement minor 6.3.2 User Interface
#139 Workflow transition effects effects improvement major 6.4 Workflow
#143 Remember view in folder pane improvement minor 6.3.3 User Interface
#144 Bookmarks on Folders car031 improvement minor 6.4 User Interface
#151 Size of "Move" dialogue box. car031 improvement minor 6.3.3 User Interface
#154 Workflow - assign task to user groups improvement major 6.6 Workflow
#157 Option to copy folders improvement minor 7.1 User Interface
#158 Drop spot modifications improvement minor 6.3.4 User Interface
#161 Search in folder and sub-folders (more than one level) improvement major 6.3.3 Search Engine
#164 Ability to download multiple files at once improvement minor 6.3.4 User Interface
#165 Have tab/page title show folder selected. car031 improvement minor 6.3.4 User Interface
#166 Settings changes should take immediate effect improvement trivial 6.3.4 User Interface
#171 Abort a running Workflow car031 improvement minor 6.3.4 Workflow
#173 Direct import from LDAP and Active Directory improvement minor 6.4 LDAP / Active Directory
#178 Summaries for each document improvement trivial User Interface
#180 Move folder name to beginning of tab/window title improvement minor 6.3.5 User Interface
#182 Change template's name improvement trivial 6.4.1 User Interface
#184 Additional characters for usernames car031 improvement trivial 6.3.5 User Interface
#189 HTML formatting when sending documents in emails improvement minor 6.4 Core
#190 Indicate effective search depth improvement trivial 6.3.5 User Interface
#197 Search suggestions improvement minor 6.5 Search Engine
#198 File Types in Version Pane improvement minor 6.4.1 User Interface
#202 Ability to add comment to document version via webservices improvement trivial 6.4.1 Web Services
#203 View history via webservices improvement minor 6.5 Web Services
#205 Retrieve version file using webservices improvement minor 6.4.1 Web Services
#206 Find a folder by path via WebServices improvement minor 6.5 Web Services
#218 Configurable action on document's double click car031 improvement minor 6.4.2 User Interface
#219 Option to import empty folders improvement minor 6.4.2 Import / Export
#220 Default document's detail tab car031 improvement trivial 6.4.2 User Interface
#221 Option to select a folder with code completion improvement minor 6.4.2 User Interface
#222 Lookup table for extended attribute options improvement minor 7.1 Core
#228 Preview in Versions history improvement trivial 6.5 User Interface
#236 Folder creation from mobile devices improvement major Android App
#239 Extended attributes in documents grid car031 improvement minor 6.5.1 User Interface
#240 Restore of documents drag&drop improvement minor 6.5.1 User Interface
#242 HTTPS support in DropSpot and ScanApplet improvement major 6.5.1 Core
#253 Configurable timeout for webservice clients improvement trivial 6.6 Web Services
#254 Asynchronous folder's deletion improvement trivial 6.5.2 User Interface
#257 User data type for extended attribute car031 improvement major 6.6 Core
#260 Improved performance of massive folders deletions improvement minor 6.6 Core
#261 Email subscriptions to all folder's tree car031 improvement major 6.6 Core
#264 Support for the Swedish language improvement minor 6.6 Core
#266 Optimize the requests of the Office Add-in improvement major Office Addin
#267 Upgrade to the latest User Interface technologies improvement minor 6.6.1 User Interface
#272 Notify users at wotkfllow end car031 improvement minor 6.6.1 Workflow
#274 New extended attribute type: Boolean car031 improvement minor 6.6.1 Core
#279 Send to export achive a folders tree improvement minor 6.6.1 Core
#281 Avoid inconsistencies between day-of-week and day-of-month improvement minor 6.6.2 Core
#286 Notify users on adding note improvement minor 7.1 Core
#288 Two more sequences for CustomID: <folder_seq>, <folder_template_seq> improvement minor 6.6.2 Core
#289 Apply workflow triggers to the subtree improvement minor 6.6.2 Core
#291 Import folders: avoid duplicated entries and load lastModified and creation date car031 improvement major 6.6.2 Import / Export
#297 Delete workflow instances when the associated workflow template is deleted improvement minor 6.7 Workflow
#302 Histories listing in Audit webservice improvement minor 6.7.1 Web Services
#306 Metadata editing at checkin time improvement major 6.7.1 Core
#310 Upload folders through DropSpot improvement minor 6.7.1 Import / Export
#321 Usabe tag cloud on Chrome improvement minor 6.7.2 User Interface
#324 WebService method getAliases improvement minor 6.7.2 Web Services
#329 Feedback for uploading files for LogicalDOC improvement minor 6.7.3 User Interface
#337 Support DB instance definition at installation time when using SQL Server improvement minor 6.8 Installer
#340 Display the folder from which security policies are inherited improvement minor 7.1 User Interface
#341 Date formatting for English-UK and english-AU improvement major 6.8 User Interface
#342 US date format support in date editing widget improvement minor 6.8 User Interface
#360 Language field in metadata editor should be a limited dropdown list Blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#362 Open-button grayed out on highlighted items improvement minor Office Addin
#363 Ability to lauch full text search by hitting "enter" key Blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#364 Adding more tags at once improvement minor 7.1 User Interface
#371 Tag flow widget to define document's tags improvement trivial 6.8.1 User Interface
#372 Possibility to add new documents to existing Calendar Event improvement minor 6.8.1 Calendar
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