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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#142 Backups take far too long bug major Core
#322 How to setup Sync ? bug major Core
#323 logicaldoc intallation from 6.4.1 to 6.7.1 improvement major Generic
#351 Support for MariaDB wish major Core
#357 Date of document publication should be shown in search results improvement major Office Addin
#410 Save As Command, default the folder to the original folder improvement major Office Addin
#591 Selection of folder in the tree is problematic blucecio bug major Office Addin
#742 Ability to link spreadsheets new feature major Core
#840 Web Installer Broken bug major Installer
#893 Metadata history improvement major Auditing
#962 Enhance Import from email improvement major 8.3.1 Import / Export
#1054 riallocazione workflow improvement major Workflow
#162 Last Modified Date is misleading bug minor 6.3.4 User Interface
#217 Publishing Date wish minor Documentation
#243 Ability for send emails to a list distribution or group-list new feature minor Core
#258 Prevent checkin errors where configuration not performed improvement minor Office Addin
#285 Show dropdownlist of users in search-tab improvement minor Search Engine
#358 Handling of non-Word files in Office Add-in improvement minor Office Addin
#361 Single window for saving and editing metadata wish minor Office Addin
#365 Ability to perform batch updates of documents on search results new feature minor Core
#377 Customizable help menu wish minor Core
#385 CIFS connector and Active Directory bug minor FTP
#389 OpenOffice Add-in wish minor Office Addin
#393 Banner not displaying in IE8 bug minor User Interface
#400 External authentication support for CIFS connector improvement minor FTP
#409 Ability to add metadata when saving documents in Outlook addin new feature minor Outlook Addin
#475 search by relative dates new feature minor Search Engine
#476 use saved search as source of dashboard data new feature minor Core
#477 documents changed dashlet new feature minor Core
#478 subscription to saved search resultset wish minor Core
#511 Office Add-in producing errors with Excel blucecio bug minor Office Addin
#530 Append the version number to the file name on the documents exported wish minor User Interface
#532 FTP access via LogicalDOC connector ignores user IP filter improvement minor FTP
#536 Select destination folder for document restore wish minor Core
#584 Thumbnail and Gallery preview scaling improvement minor Core
#603 Remove/Edit Stamped Documents bug minor Core
#607 Stop anyone from logging in when using External Authentication new feature minor Core
#670 Ability to add data to forms that is not metadata enhancement minor Core
#690 Allow the option to assign a task to all members of a group in a workflow wish minor Workflow
#711 Adobe Plugin new feature minor Core
#788 fixes for Outlook encodings whenusing greek chars wish minor Generic
#791 Ability to split PDF documents wish minor Core
#792 Ability to set Max Versions at document template level wish minor Core
#833 Auto-save for Office Addin new feature minor Office Addin
#836 Possible to create an unpublished document from webservices improvement minor Web Services
#845 Recent documents list for Office Add-in new feature minor Office Addin
#866 Support of italian electronic invoice(Fattura PA) new feature minor Core
#883 Flag to completely disable quota calculations wish minor Core
#917 Mailbox import - SubFolder wish minor Import / Export
#1007 Hide the standard columns in parametric search condition selector wish minor User Interface
#1010 WebDAV issues with Windows task minor WebDAV
#1011 excel preview is not correct bug minor Preview
#1049 FUNZIONALITA' RICERCA improvement minor Search Engine
#1050 utilizzo contatti improvement minor Generic
#163 Export to Zip should export folder structure wish trivial Import / Export
#214 Scan Document Problem bug trivial Core
#301 Translation: Right-click-menue to configure document grid columns etc. is not translated bug trivial User Interface
#529 Save folders via app on mobile device Dominik Fakner wish trivial Android App
#596 Tags only Visible for 'authorized' Users improvement trivial Core
#597 Preconfigure (backend) the attribute-template to search on it wish trivial User Interface
#624 Make notes mandatory on new document upload wish trivial Core
#804 Hiding extension in {filename} field wish trivial User Interface
#826 file names scrabbled bug trivial Generic
#865 Parametric Search improvement trivial User Interface
#948 Menu bar is not rendered correctly in RTL languages such as Arabic bug trivial User Interface
#1034 Backup proceudere issues test trivial Backup
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