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#505 'Inherit security' option when copying a folder improvement trivial 7.1.3 Core
#506 'Inherit security' option when applying a folder template improvement minor 7.1.3 Core
#507 Customizable folders ordering improvement minor 7.1.3 Core
#508 Using CMIS, extended properties of type "Decimal" are not transfered to the client bug minor 7.1.3 CMIS
#509 Hebrew localization improvement minor 7.1.3 Core
#510 Ability to show/hide the history tab for certain users improvement minor 7.2.1 User Interface
#512 Option to ignore case of username on login doesn't work with External Auth bug minor 7.2.1 LDAP / Active Directory
#514 Admin access to users trash improvement minor Core
#517 Count column reports zero for tags on search tab bug minor 7.2 Core
#518 Searching tags by clicking on the alphabetical characters is incorrect bug minor 7.2 Core
#519 Pagination based on current sorting improvement minor 7.6.1 User Interface
#522 Bulk update can modify locked documents metadata bug minor 7.2 Core
#527 Content annotations new feature major 7.2 Core
#528 OCR button doesn't work after update bug minor User Interface
#531 Inherit option not enabled by default for new folder creation wish minor 7.2.1 Core
#533 Encryption of the Import Folders password improvement minor 7.2.1 Core
#535 Display hostname on under System information improvement minor 7.4.1 User Interface
#537 Compare metadata does not display changes to tags bug minor 7.2 Core
#539 Preview of older document versions displays latest version only bug minor 7.2 Core
#541 Default max hits always 40 in tags search bug minor 7.2 User Interface
#542 Default max hits always 40 in tags search bug minor 7.2 User Interface
#543 Archiving capabilities new feature major 7.2 Core
#544 Option to generate download ticket link improvement minor 7.4.1 Core
#545 Configurable retention policies new feature major 7.2 Core
#547 Ability to work on multiple folders improvement minor 7.4.1 User Interface
#548 Change timestamp to datetime in MySQL improvement trivial 7.2.1 Core
#549 Encoding issue during import from ZIP files bug minor 7.2.1 Core
#550 Add tenant information in tags improvement minor 7.2.1 Core
#551 Duplicate tasks in 'tasks i can own' bug minor 7.2.1 Workflow
#552 Full support of the application for PostgreSQL improvement minor 7.2.1 Core
#553 Deleted documents report improvement minor 7.2.1 Core
#554 incorporation of multiple notifications in a single email improvement minor 7.2.1 Auditing
#555 E-mail notification for backup success/failure new feature minor Generic
#557 Entry Prior to 1/1/1970 Limitation with Date Type for an Attribute in a Template bug minor 7.2.1 Core
#558 ShareFile integration new feature minor 7.3 Core
#559 Start/Stop Publishing Dates Displayed in Different Format then Language bug minor 7.2.1 User Interface
#560 Metadata Preset Export/Import Issue bug minor 7.2.1 User Interface
#565 Parametric Search - Aliases not returned bug minor 7.4.1 Core
#566 Calendar Entry Reoccurrence Limit improvement minor 7.4.1 Core
#567 Bulk Checkout 'unlocks' documents bug minor 7.4.1 Core
#568 No history recorded for multiple document download improvement minor 7.3 Core
#570 Stamp new feature major 7.3 Core
#571 Notifications not issued at workflow end bug minor 7.3 Workflow
#573 Ability to tag folders new feature minor 7.6.1 Core
#574 Calendar Event History Tracking Issue - Alias Copy bug minor 7.3 Calendar
#575 Add Documents - "Immediate Indexing" failing bug minor 7.3 Core
#576 Template: Cleanup orphaned preset options improvement minor 7.4.1 Core
#577 search criteria and search attributes of a saved search get lost after logout bug minor 7.3 Core
#578 Form Management new feature major 7.3 Core
#579 Unexisting paths not handled in getObjectByPath method bug minor 7.3 CMIS
#580 Scripting capabilities in notification messages improvement minor 7.3 Core
#581 Interaction with the workflow from within e-mail new feature minor 7.3 Workflow
#582 Gallery View Sort Order Change improvement minor 7.4.1 Core
#589 New Stamps & Forms Buttons missing bug minor Core
#590 Easy the creation of folder improvement minor 7.4 User Interface
#592 Correctly handle non-latin chars when sending emails bug trivial 7.4 Core
#593 Download and execute update from within main application GUI new feature minor 7.4 Core
#595 Possibility to append Signature on function send by email improvement minor 7.4.1 User Interface
#598 Make forms externally available improvement minor 7.4.1 Core
#600 Ability to have Template EXT Properties arranged in more than two columns improvement minor 7.4.1 User Interface
#602 Sharecrawler password displayed in clear text in dms.log improvement minor 7.4 Core
#605 Update GWT and SmartGWT task major 7.4.1 User Interface
#606 Deleting individual files via webdav dont go to trash bug minor 7.4 WebDAV
#608 Encryption of the Email Accounts password improvement minor 7.4.1 Core
#609 LogicalDOC service script doesn't work bug minor Core
#611 HTML5 files uploader improvement minor 7.4.1 User Interface
#612 Removed the embedded option for DropSpot deprecation trivial 7.4.1 User Interface
#613 Finnish localization improvement minor 7.4.1 User Interface
#614 Support for locking in WebDAV protocol improvement major 7.4.1 WebDAV
#615 Dedicated web interface for Mobile devices new feature major 7.4.1 User Interface
#617 Auto naming on the basis of the document's metadata new feature minor 7.4.2 Core
#618 Auto folding on the basis of the document's metadata new feature major 7.4.2 Core
#619 Full HTML5 preview improvement major 7.4.2 User Interface
#620 Removed the support for Internet Explorer 8 deprecation trivial 7.4.2 User Interface
#621 Hot-Folder 1.4.3 can not connect to logicaldoc 7.4-7.4.1 bug major Core
#622 See document name or custom ID in workflow dashboard lists improvement minor Workflow
#623 Workflow list filters and sorting resets on exiting a task bug minor 7.5.4 User Interface
#625 Hiding Extended Properties that aren't used. improvement minor 7.5 User Interface
#626 Workflow does not start from the beginning bug major 7.4.3 Workflow
#629 Removed support for Internet Explorer 9 task minor 7.4.3 User Interface
#630 Workflow undeploy should warn that all active workflows will be deleted. new feature minor 7.4.3 Workflow
#631 Stamps only work on PDF documents bug minor 7.4.3 Stamp
#633 Exclude certain file types from upload new feature minor User Interface
#638 Ability to schedule execution of custom reports improvement minor 7.6 Reports
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