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#906 Read-only users new feature major 8.2 Core
#909 Chunk uploads with webservices new feature minor 8.2 Web Services
#913 Syndication new feature major 8.2 Core
#916 SQL queries through Webservices new feature minor 8.2 Web Services
#927 Integration with CoolTool TotalImageConverter new feature minor 8.2.1 Format Conversion
#944 Configurable comparation engine new feature major 8.3 Comparison
#945 Implementation of a comparator that uses Workshare new feature minor 8.3 Comparison
#949 Customizable dashlets new feature minor 8.3 User Interface
#956 Visual positioning of stamps new feature major 8.3.1 Stamp
#957 Visual positioning of digital signatures new feature major 8.3.1 Digital Signature
#961 Sort date extended attribute in documents grid new feature minor 8.3.2 User Interface
#991 PDF Splitting capabilities new feature major 8.4 Split
#993 Reports of current download tickets new feature minor 8.4 Reports
#1000 Preview of zip files new feature minor 8.4.1 Preview
#1002 Automation Executor scheduled task to schedule the execution of an Automation procedure new feature minor 8.4.1 Automation
#1006 Support for automation in Email Import new feature minor 8.4.1 Import / Export
#1012 Zonal OCR new feature major 8.4.2 Zonal OCR
#1024 Integration with DocuSign eSignature online service new feature major 8.5 DocuSign
#1028 Programmatically merge more PDF files new feature minor 8.5.1 Core
#1047 Option to require users to leave a note in order to complete a workflow task new feature minor 8.5.2 Workflow
#1059 Option to save correctly sent emails as LogicalDOC's documents new feature minor 8.6 Core
#1061 Custom Actions: customization of the document's and folder's context menu new feature minor 8.6 User Interface
#1066 Geolocation of requests new feature major 8.6 Security
#1073 User avatars new feature minor 8.6.1 User Interface
#1078 Enforce password history new feature minor 8.6.1 Security
#1085 Document pages counter new feature minor 8.7 Core
#1089 Web forms new feature major 8.7 Forms
#1091 API calls counter new feature minor 8.7 Web Services
#1108 Share contacts among users and groups new feature minor 8.7.1 Core
#1118 Users with expiration date new feature minor 8.7.2 Core
#1120 Option to enforce the user's working time new feature major 8.7.2 Core
#1121 Disable users inactive after a configurable amount of days new feature minor 8.7.2 Security
#1122 Two factors authentication through login key sent by email new feature minor 8.7.2 Authentication
#1133 Integration with Duo Two Factors Authenticator new feature major 8.7.3 Security
#1136 Distributed storage among the Cluster nodes new feature major 8.7.4 Clustering
#1143 User's personal signature new feature minor 8.8 Stamp
#1154 Customizable fields validation new feature major 8.8.1 Core
#212 Upgrade CXF to the latest 2.5.x task minor 6.5 Web Services
#227 Upgrade MSSQL driver jTDS task minor 6.5 Core
#229 Upgrade POI to the latest 3.8 task minor 6.6 Core
#231 Upgrade GTW-upload to latest 0.6.4 task minor 6.6 User Interface
#263 Upgrade Flexpaper to latest release task major 6.6 User Interface
#271 Decouple core API from WebServices API car031 task major 6.7 Core
#343 Refactoring of the preview component task minor 6.8.1 Core
#369 Applets signed with a valid certificate task major 6.8.1 User Interface
#442 Upgrade text extractor for MS Office docs task minor 7.1 Core
#443 Upgrade Solr to version 4.9 task minor 7.1 Core
#456 Update WebDAV API task minor 7.4.2 WebDAV
#605 Update GWT and SmartGWT task major 7.4.1 User Interface
#629 Removed support for Internet Explorer 9 task minor 7.4.3 User Interface
#697 Upgrade document preview technology task minor 7.5.1 User Interface
#725 Index Merger task minor Core
#771 Upgrade PDFjs car031 task minor 7.6.4 Preview
#778 Switch to MS SQL Jdbc Drivers task minor 7.7 Core
#834 Columns - File Name - not active task trivial User Interface
#869 DocumentMetadata web service moved from Enterprise to Community task trivial 8.0 Web Services
#874 Compatibility with Java10 task minor 8.0 Core
#902 Compatibility with Java11 task major 8.1.1 Core
#922 Removed Java Webstart apps task minor 8.2.1 User Interface
#926 Removed path attribute of WSDocument task minor 8.2.1 Web Services
#936 RSS feeds on folder and documents have been removed task trivial 8.2.2 RSS
#964 Deprecated method DocTool.createPath(Document doc, String targetPath) in favour of createPath(Document doc, String targetPath, Strin username)) task minor 8.3.2 Automation
#1026 Updated the indexing engine task major 8.5 Search Engine
#1074 Upgrade MariaDB in Virtual Appliance task major Core
#1128 Update how-to for Docker Blucecio task minor Core
#1131 Changed the signature of automation method FolderTool.copy task trivial 8.7.3 Automation
#1132 Changed the signature of webservice method FolderService.copy task trivial 8.7.3 Web Services
#1149 Updated CXF to version 3.5.2 task minor 8.8.1 Web Services
#1022 multi-connection access via webdav client test minor WebDAV
#145 Translation of the item confirmation move messages wish trivial 6.4 User Interface
#215 replace commons logging with slf4j wish minor 6.5 Core
#244 Bug in Personal Profile -> Welcome Screen wish trivial User Interface
#345 Reload Button on Documents Browsing Bar wish trivial 6.8.2 User Interface
#404 Save file as major version using Office addin blucecio wish minor Office Addin
#408 Windows too small in Outlook addin wish minor Outlook Addin
#531 Inherit option not enabled by default for new folder creation wish minor 7.2.1 Core
#693 Save event of Workflow Task Reassigned wish trivial 7.6 Workflow
#700 Set document maxversions per workspace wish minor 7.6 Core
#708 Ability to insert images into a document via office addin wish major Office Addin
#751 Command line tool to manage user sessions wish minor 7.6.4 Core
#777 Custom reports in Excel format wish minor 7.7 Reports
#783 Deleting an version of a document recorded in history wish minor 7.7 Core
#789 Restrict external auth to memberof group wish minor 7.7.2 LDAP / Active Directory
#1150 Configuration parameter to enable or disable the editing of the notes/annotations wish minor 8.8.1 Annotations
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