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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1065 MD5 option for External Authentication removed from next release deprecation minor 8.6 LDAP / Active Directory
#1178 Configurable default groups to assign to new users from LDAP/AD improvement minor 8.8.4 LDAP / Active Directory
#680 iPhone app issues creating Text File Bug major Mobile (iOS)
#390 Support for Zonal OCR car031 improvement major OCR
#853 Support Nuance Power PDF OCR engine improvement minor 8.1 OCR
#854 Integration with the online OCR Web Service new feature minor 7.7.5 OCR
#1163 Option to crop visible part of images before the OCR improvement minor 8.8.3 OCR
#1164 Flag to decide if the OCR must raise an error in case of empty extraction improvement minor 8.8.3 OCR
#1166 Configurable limit of OCR threads improvement minor 8.8.3 OCR
#1196 Record OCR events new feature minor 8.8.5 OCR
#1198 Removed the implementation of the old Advanced OCR deprecation minor 8.8.5 OCR
#1204 Removed already deprecated Advanced OCR engine deprecation trivial 8.8.5 OCR
#259 Error when opening a document alias bug minor 6.5.2 Office Addin
#266 Optimize the requests of the Office Add-in improvement major Office Addin
#356 Search results should be sorted by rank (descending order) Blucecio bug minor 6.8.1 Office Addin
#359 Horizontal scroll bar in the results window missing bug minor 6.8.1 Office Addin
#360 Language field in metadata editor should be a limited dropdown list Blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#362 Open-button grayed out on highlighted items improvement minor Office Addin
#363 Ability to lauch full text search by hitting "enter" key Blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#368 Error message on date change in metadata editor Blucecio bug major 6.8.1 Office Addin
#381 Error saving a new document in LogicalDOC Blucecio bug major Office Addin
#384 Use the same name of the file when opened with the option "Edit with Office" blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#395 Message explaining TMP file download when using "Edit with Office" improvement minor Office Addin
#404 Save file as major version using Office addin blucecio wish minor Office Addin
#422 Office & Outlook Addins install for all users improvement minor Office Addin
#534 LogicalDOC Office Launcher has stopped working Blucecio bug minor Office Addin
#540 Default tag added when editing properties blucecio bug minor Office Addin
#546 Ability to install updates of Addin on top of old version blucecio improvement major Office Addin
#694 Random Folder Selection - Office Addin Blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#699 Display a WARNING message when an office file is NOT saved Blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#708 Ability to insert images into a document via office addin wish major Office Addin
#709 Office Addin edit properties validation error bug major Office Addin
#710 Office Addin edit properties mandatory fields validated bug minor Office Addin
#809 Order folders by position, then by name blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#823 Edit Properties in Office Addin does not display custom attributes correctly improvement major Office Addin
#882 office plugin / comment field improvement minor Office Addin
#894 problema metadati office addin adminusername bug minor Office Addin
#987 LogicalDOC For Office Missing String Value In User Select improvement minor Office Addin
#1017 Various improvements improvement minor Office Addin
#216 Error in saving outgoing email bug minor Outlook Addin
#282 Download tiket in Outlook Addin blucecio74 new feature minor Outlook Addin
#309 Voting crashes LogicalDoc Outlook Add-in bug major 6.7.1 Outlook Addin
#408 Windows too small in Outlook addin wish minor Outlook Addin
#455 Wrong title for option for renaming of E-mail subject improvement trivial Outlook Addin
#538 Filing of emails whilst composing multiple emails blucecio bug minor Outlook Addin
#588 Unable to connect to the server blucecio bug minor Outlook Addin
#674 Ability to select attachments for upload using Outlook addin enhancement minor Outlook Addin
#715 Confusing Interface on Plugin, Need the ability to change the title on upload Feature Request minor Outlook Addin
#813 feature request - outlook plugin - renaming attachments. blucecio new feature minor Outlook Addin
#881 Aggiungere il campo time all'autocomposizione del nome mail new feature trivial Outlook Addin
#912 Preview of signed Outlook messages improvement minor 8.2 Outlook Addin
#1124 Outlook addin server connection error task minor Outlook Addin
#1125 Link email and it's attachment improvement minor Outlook Addin
#1181 Outlook attach file issue bug minor Outlook Addin
#771 Upgrade PDFjs car031 task minor 7.6.4 Preview
#774 Ability to preview Microsoft Visio documents improvement minor 7.6.4 Preview
#802 Update document preview component improvement minor 7.7.1 Preview
#829 Option to run LibreOffice as daemon or command line improvement minor 7.7.3 Preview
#1000 Preview of zip files new feature minor 8.4.1 Preview
#935 RSS feeds are deprecated and no more available in future releases deprecation minor 8.2.1 RSS
#936 RSS feeds on folder and documents have been removed task trivial 8.2.2 RSS
#638 Ability to schedule execution of custom reports improvement minor 7.6 Reports
#777 Custom reports in Excel format wish minor 7.7 Reports
#786 Duplicates Report with Filter on Folder improvement minor 7.7 Reports
#960 Folder filter in last changes report improvement minor 8.3.1 Reports
#993 Reports of current download tickets new feature minor 8.4 Reports
#1100 Subscriptions report improvement minor 8.7 Reports
#161 Search in folder and sub-folders (more than one level) improvement major 6.3.3 Search Engine
#174 Unable to search for source type car031 bug minor 6.3.4 Search Engine
#197 Search suggestions improvement minor 6.5 Search Engine
#232 IndexOptimixer generates exceptions on the log bug minor 6.5.1 Search Engine
#284 Search folders using custom meta-data new feature minor 7.6.1 Search Engine
#440 parametric search (save/load) bug minor 7.1 Search Engine
#773 Include Notes in Searches new feature minor 7.7 Search Engine
#863 Searching Null Values improvement minor 8.0.1 Search Engine
#903 Configurable indexing order improvement minor 8.1.1 Search Engine
#997 configurable delimiters for the worddelimiter search filter improvement minor 8.4.1 Search Engine
#1026 Updated the indexing engine task major 8.5 Search Engine
#1058 Parse PDF conversion in case a specific parser is not available improvement minor 8.6 Search Engine
#1080 Share searches among users improvement minor 8.6.1 Search Engine
#1161 Filters by date on full-text search are not considered bug minor 8.8.2 Search Engine
#1188 Saved searches yield different results bug major 8.8.4 Search Engine
#1200 History tab in the Indexing panel improvement minor 8.8.5 Search Engine
#900 Allow session id in the request as parameter improvement minor 8.1.1 Security
#978 Force the user to change the password when the credentials are sent by email. improvement minor 8.3.4 Security
#1018 XSS Vulnerability bug major 8.4.2 Security
#1064 Trust devices to skip second factor authentication improvement minor 8.6 Security
#1066 Geolocation of requests new feature major 8.6 Security
#1078 Enforce password history new feature minor 8.6.1 Security
#1098 Security policies for Workflows improvement major 8.7 Security
#1121 Disable users inactive after a configurable amount of days new feature minor 8.7.2 Security
#1133 Integration with Duo Two Factors Authenticator new feature major 8.7.3 Security
#1153 OpenSSL vulnerability CVE-2022-1292 bug minor 8.8.1 Security
#1160 Firewall policies for URL contents improvement minor 8.8.2 Security
#1162 configurable list of allowed external commands improvement major 8.8.3 Security
#1174 Fixed vulnerability CVE-2022-47415 bug minor 8.8.4 Security
#1175 Fixed vulnerability CVE-2022-47416 bug minor 8.8.4 Security
#1176 Fixed vulnerability CVE-2022-47417 bug minor 8.8.4 Security
#1177 Fixed vulnerability CVE-2022-47418 bug minor 8.8.4 Security
#1182 Configurable cookies SameSite improvement minor 8.8.4 Security
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