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#271 Decouple core API from WebServices API car031 task major 6.7 Core
#615 Dedicated web interface for Mobile devices new feature major 7.4.1 User Interface
#794 Deduplicate files new feature minor 7.7.2 Core
#220 Default document's detail tab car031 improvement trivial 6.4.2 User Interface
#541 Default max hits always 40 in tags search bug minor 7.2 User Interface
#542 Default max hits always 40 in tags search bug minor 7.2 User Interface
#296 Default message template deleted car031 bug minor Core
#540 Default tag added when editing properties blucecio bug minor Office Addin
#141 Default template and metadata for each Folder car031 new feature minor 6.4 Core
#1144 Define an automation routine in reaction to calendar event reminders improvement minor 8.8 Calendar
#762 Delete a version of a file with SOAP API Blucecio improvement minor 7.6.4 Web Services
#297 Delete workflow instances when the associated workflow template is deleted improvement minor 6.7 Workflow
#553 Deleted documents report improvement minor 7.2.1 Core
#784 Deleting a version of a document doesn't appear in trash bug minor User Interface
#783 Deleting an version of a document recorded in history wish minor 7.7 Core
#1003 Deleting annotations doesn't work bug minor 8.4.1 User Interface
#606 Deleting individual files via webdav dont go to trash bug minor 7.4 WebDAV
#898 Deletion of user group data bug critical Authentication
#964 Deprecated method DocTool.createPath(Document doc, String targetPath) in favour of createPath(Document doc, String targetPath, Strin username)) task minor 8.3.2 Automation
#846 Details on a document give 404 bug minor 7.7.4 User Interface
#724 Diagnosis task to check the repository consistency new feature minor 7.7 Core
#149 Digital signature must use the file version bug minor 6.3.3 Digital Signature
#173 Direct import from LDAP and Active Directory improvement minor 6.4 LDAP / Active Directory
#695 Direct link to the document does not work anymore Blucecio bug minor 7.5.1 User Interface
#1121 Disable users inactive after a configurable amount of days new feature minor 8.7.2 Security
#396 Disallow the upload of specific file extensions improvement minor 6.8.2 User Interface
#699 Display a WARNING message when an office file is NOT saved Blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#752 Display a heart icon to mark bookmarked documents improvement trivial 7.6.3 User Interface
#838 Display button in Indexing queue does not seem to be working bug minor 7.7.3 User Interface
#587 Display glitch while scrolling parametric search results seoul04 bug minor 7.4.1 User Interface
#535 Display hostname on under System information improvement minor 7.4.1 User Interface
#1032 Display tags column in the documents grid improvement minor 8.5.1 User Interface
#835 Display the current instance's history to participants of the workflow improvement minor 7.7.3 Workflow
#340 Display the folder from which security policies are inherited improvement minor 7.1 User Interface
#1072 Display total pages number in the folders navigator cursor improvement minor 8.6.1 User Interface
#1136 Distributed storage among the Cluster nodes new feature major 8.7.4 Clustering
#1085 Document pages counter new feature minor 8.7 Core
#869 DocumentMetadata web service moved from Enterprise to Community task trivial 8.0 Web Services
#428 Documents gallery new feature minor 7.0 User Interface
#468 Documents grid pagination improvement minor 7.1.2 User Interface
#489 Double click to download documents in IE does not work bug minor 7.1.2 User Interface
#593 Download and execute update from within main application GUI new feature minor 7.4 Core
#799 Download the results of a search in just one click new feature minor 7.7 User Interface
#984 Download tickets generated by the automation are not valid bug minor 8.3.4 Automation
#282 Download tiket in Outlook Addin blucecio74 new feature minor Outlook Addin
#158 Drop spot modifications improvement minor 6.3.4 User Interface
#847 Drop support for 32bit systems deprecation major 7.7.4 Core
#841 Dropbox authorization problem bug minor 7.7.3 Dropbox
#429 Dropbox integration new feature major 7.0 Core
#958 Dropped the need of password for storing users certificates deprecation minor 8.3.1 Digital Signature
#551 Duplicate tasks in 'tasks i can own' bug minor 7.2.1 Workflow
#786 Duplicates Report with Filter on Folder improvement minor 7.7 Reports
#555 E-mail notification for backup success/failure new feature minor Generic
#472 EXT Properties for Read only user can provide save access to Properties tab Name and Description car031 bug minor 7.1.2 User Interface
#590 Easy the creation of folder improvement minor 7.4 User Interface
#823 Edit Properties in Office Addin does not display custom attributes correctly improvement major Office Addin
#319 Email contacts address book new feature major 6.8 Core
#261 Email subscriptions to all folder's tree car031 improvement major 6.6 Core
#503 Empty column "Type" bug trivial 7.1.3 Generic
#137 Enable the Czech language improvement minor 6.3.2 User Interface
#940 Enable the call of automation routines inside CustomID/AutoNaming/AutoFolding schemes improvement minor 8.2.2 Automation
#549 Encoding issue during import from ZIP files bug minor 7.2.1 Core
#608 Encryption of the Email Accounts password improvement minor 7.4.1 Core
#533 Encryption of the Import Folders password improvement minor 7.2.1 Core
#1078 Enforce password history new feature minor 8.6.1 Security
#985 Enforce the verification of the mandatory fields during document form filling improvement minor 8.5 Forms
#557 Entry Prior to 1/1/1970 Limitation with Date Type for an Attribute in a Template bug minor 7.2.1 Core
#433 Erroneus stats calculation after database cleaning bug trivial 7.0.1 Core
#251 Error creating a document into a folder with Metadata Blucecio bug minor 6.5.2 Web Services
#1077 Error in CustomID generation on version promotion bug major 8.6.1 Core
#216 Error in saving outgoing email bug minor Outlook Addin
#368 Error message on date change in metadata editor Blucecio bug major 6.8.1 Office Addin
#381 Error saving a new document in LogicalDOC Blucecio bug major Office Addin
#334 Error sending internal message bug minor 6.8 User Interface
#312 Error uploading multiple files car031 bug minor 6.7.2 Core
#259 Error when opening a document alias bug minor 6.5.2 Office Addin
#148 Events timestamp not correctly shown in Last Changes bug trivial 6.3.3 User Interface
#153 Exception when downloading an alias car031 bug major 6.3.3 Core
#172 Exception when importing massive users from Active Directory car031 bug minor 6.3.4 LDAP / Active Directory
#633 Exclude certain file types from upload new feature minor User Interface
#346 Execute scripts in workflow task object car031 new feature major 7.5.1 Workflow
#493 Export to PDF should register in document history improvement minor 7.1.3 Core
#705 Exporting utility in Administration->Security->Users car031 improvement minor 7.5.2 User Interface
#781 Ext.Properties Fields Autocomplete Suggestions improvement minor 7.7 User Interface
#870 Extended ImportFolders feature to connect to FTP/FTPS/SFTP servers improvement major 8.0 Import / Export
#963 Extended attibutes with multiple values improvement major 8.3.2 Core
#239 Extended attributes in documents grid car031 improvement minor 6.5.1 User Interface
#1001 Extended attributes of type Folder improvement major 8.4.1 Core
#768 Extensible storer framework improvement major 7.6.4 Core
#300 External Call car031 new feature minor 6.7 User Interface
#335 FTP protocol support new feature major 6.8 Core
#686 Fatal Error with Database Cleaner Task car031 bug minor 7.5 Core
#417 Feature request: the "zip export" event should be recorded new feature minor 6.8.4 Core
#329 Feedback for uploading files for LogicalDOC improvement minor 6.7.3 User Interface
#198 File Types in Version Pane improvement minor 6.4.1 User Interface
#772 File format conversions new feature major 7.6.4 Core
#780 File format conversions inside the Workflow Automation new feature minor 7.7 Workflow
#538 Filing of emails whilst composing multiple emails blucecio bug minor Outlook Addin
#206 Find a folder by path via WebServices improvement minor 6.5 Web Services
#613 Finnish localization improvement minor 7.4.1 User Interface
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