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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#266 Optimize the requests of the Office Add-in improvement major Office Addin
#267 Upgrade to the latest User Interface technologies improvement minor 6.6.1 User Interface
#269 Fulltext search broken in WebService bug minor 6.6.2 Web Services
#270 Print a selection of documents into a single PDF car031 new feature minor 6.6.1 Core
#271 Decouple core API from WebServices API car031 task major 6.7 Core
#272 Notify users at wotkfllow end car031 improvement minor 6.6.1 Workflow
#273 Statistical Graphs not coming due to error. car031 bug minor 6.6.1 User Interface
#274 New extended attribute type: Boolean car031 improvement minor 6.6.1 Core
#275 [Bulk update] add tag is not working car031 bug minor 6.6.1 User Interface
#278 Wrong pages order in preview bug minor 6.6.1 Core
#279 Send to export achive a folders tree improvement minor 6.6.1 Core
#281 Avoid inconsistencies between day-of-week and day-of-month improvement minor 6.6.2 Core
#282 Download tiket in Outlook Addin blucecio74 new feature minor Outlook Addin
#283 Unable to update preset attributes via WebSevices bug trivial 6.6.2 Web Services
#284 Search folders using custom meta-data new feature minor 7.6.1 Search Engine
#286 Notify users on adding note improvement minor 7.1 Core
#287 Calendar System new feature major 6.7 Calendar
#288 Two more sequences for CustomID: <folder_seq>, <folder_template_seq> improvement minor 6.6.2 Core
#289 Apply workflow triggers to the subtree improvement minor 6.6.2 Core
#290 Folder alias car031 new feature major 7.5 Core
#291 Import folders: avoid duplicated entries and load lastModified and creation date car031 improvement major 6.6.2 Import / Export
#292 Not all folders deleted after database cleanup bug minor 6.6.2 Core
#293 Unable to add a new storage bug minor 6.7 Core
#294 Search in folder broken for admin account bug minor 6.7 Core
#295 Notifications not sent for documents in a leaf folder bug minor 6.7 Core
#296 Default message template deleted car031 bug minor Core
#297 Delete workflow instances when the associated workflow template is deleted improvement minor 6.7 Workflow
#298 Google Docs integration and on-line editing new feature major 6.7 Google Drive
#300 External Call car031 new feature minor 6.7 User Interface
#302 Histories listing in Audit webservice improvement minor 6.7.1 Web Services
#303 Croatian language localization new feature minor 6.7.1 Core
#304 Pause cpu-intensive jobs if the CPU is overloaded new feature major 6.7.1 Core
#305 Compliance with new GoogleDocs changes bug minor 6.7.1 Google Drive
#306 Metadata editing at checkin time improvement major 6.7.1 Core
#307 Ability to delete specific versions new feature minor 6.7.1 Core
#308 Option to inherit security policies from parent when creating a new folder new feature minor 6.7.1 Core
#309 Voting crashes LogicalDoc Outlook Add-in bug major 6.7.1 Outlook Addin
#310 Upload folders through DropSpot improvement minor 6.7.1 Import / Export
#311 MySQL 5.6 compliance bug minor 6.7.1 Core
#312 Error uploading multiple files car031 bug minor 6.7.2 Core
#313 Blank metadata for aliases during search bug major 6.7.2 Core
#314 Log Download utility new feature trivial 6.7.2 Core
#315 Anonymous login new feature minor 6.7.2 Core
#316 Loss of typed characters during the insertion of tags bug minor 6.7.2 User Interface
#318 Restore of deleted folders new feature minor 6.8 Core
#319 Email contacts address book new feature major 6.8 Core
#320 CIFS protocol implementation new feature major 6.8 Core
#321 Usabe tag cloud on Chrome improvement minor 6.7.2 User Interface
#324 WebService method getAliases improvement minor 6.7.2 Web Services
#327 Folder specification not used when searching for aliases bug minor 6.8 Core
#328 Folder specification not used when searching for aliases bug minor 6.7.3 Core
#329 Feedback for uploading files for LogicalDOC improvement minor 6.7.3 User Interface
#330 Bulk Checkin new feature minor 6.8 User Interface
#331 Allow input of '-' char in tag widget car031 bug trivial 6.7.3 User Interface
#334 Error sending internal message bug minor 6.8 User Interface
#335 FTP protocol support new feature major 6.8 Core
#337 Support DB instance definition at installation time when using SQL Server improvement minor 6.8 Installer
#340 Display the folder from which security policies are inherited improvement minor 7.1 User Interface
#341 Date formatting for English-UK and english-AU improvement major 6.8 User Interface
#342 US date format support in date editing widget improvement minor 6.8 User Interface
#343 Refactoring of the preview component task minor 6.8.1 Core
#344 Web content(HTML) wysiywg editor new feature minor 6.8.1 User Interface
#345 Reload Button on Documents Browsing Bar wish trivial 6.8.2 User Interface
#346 Execute scripts in workflow task object car031 new feature major 7.5.1 Workflow
#347 Sync moves files to trash if locally modified bug major Sync
#348 Sync doesn't sync items restored from trash until they are modified bug major Sync
#349 Sync not syncing document changes made on server side bug major Sync
#352 Anti-virus scanning at time of upload new feature minor 7.1 Core
#353 Cannot create folder in iphone/ipad app bug minor iPad and iPhone App
#355 Active directory connection appears to be broken - Logical Doc bug minor 6.8.1 LDAP / Active Directory
#356 Search results should be sorted by rank (descending order) Blucecio bug minor 6.8.1 Office Addin
#359 Horizontal scroll bar in the results window missing bug minor 6.8.1 Office Addin
#360 Language field in metadata editor should be a limited dropdown list Blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#362 Open-button grayed out on highlighted items improvement minor Office Addin
#363 Ability to lauch full text search by hitting "enter" key Blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#364 Adding more tags at once improvement minor 7.1 User Interface
#367 Ability to send messages to groups of users new feature minor 7.4.2 Core
#368 Error message on date change in metadata editor Blucecio bug major 6.8.1 Office Addin
#369 Applets signed with a valid certificate task major 6.8.1 User Interface
#371 Tag flow widget to define document's tags improvement trivial 6.8.1 User Interface
#372 Possibility to add new documents to existing Calendar Event improvement minor 6.8.1 Calendar
#373 Tomcat Application fails to stop bug minor 6.8.1 Core
#376 Show document content differences when comparing versions new feature minor 7.0.1 Core
#378 Search results should be sorted by rank (descending order) improvement major 6.8.1 Core
#379 Contents of window cut off in parametric search bug trivial 7.1.3 Core
#381 Error saving a new document in LogicalDOC Blucecio bug major Office Addin
#382 Register the preview visualization as an event in the history improvement minor 6.8.2 Core
#383 PB with french translation template mail after user creation bug trivial Core
#384 Use the same name of the file when opened with the option "Edit with Office" blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#386 CIDR notation for Black/White lists of IPs improvement minor 7.1 Core
#387 Clustering not working properly after update 6.8 bug minor 6.8.2 Core
#388 Redesigned login page improvement minor 6.8.2 User Interface
#390 Support for Zonal OCR car031 improvement major OCR
#392 Import contacts from csv file improvement minor 7.0.1 Core
#395 Message explaining TMP file download when using "Edit with Office" improvement minor Office Addin
#396 Disallow the upload of specific file extensions improvement minor 6.8.2 User Interface
#397 Templates for composing emails improvement minor 7.6 User Interface
#398 Handle template and extended attributes through CMIS interface bug minor 6.8.2 CMIS
#399 HTML support for message templates improvement minor 6.8.2 Core
#401 Implementation of CMIS method getObjectByPath new feature trivial 6.8.2 CMIS
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