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#622 See document name or custom ID in workflow dashboard lists improvement minor Workflow
#625 Hiding Extended Properties that aren't used. improvement minor 7.5 User Interface
#638 Ability to schedule execution of custom reports improvement minor 7.6 Reports
#677 SOAP webservices refactoring improvement minor 7.5 Web Services
#685 Add "send to export archive" option to archived documents car031 improvement minor 7.5 User Interface
#694 Random Folder Selection - Office Addin Blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#698 Option to specify page ranges in the Stamp definition improvement minor 7.5.1 Stamp
#699 Display a WARNING message when an office file is NOT saved Blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#702 Thumbnail and Pdf conversion for the .psd format improvement minor 7.5.2 Format Conversion
#703 Thumbnail, Pdf conversion, and indexing support for the .ai format(pdf compatibility option) improvement minor 7.5.2 Format Conversion
#704 Added the column groups in Administration->Security car031 improvement minor 7.5.2 User Interface
#705 Exporting utility in Administration->Security->Users car031 improvement minor 7.5.2 User Interface
#712 Introduction of print permission improvement minor 7.5.2 Core
#713 Compatibility with Firefox 48 improvement major 7.5.2 User Interface
#718 Indexing of files .vsd (Visio) and .pub (Publisher) improvement minor 7.5.3 Core
#719 Supported charsets other than UTF-8 when importing zip files improvement minor 7.5.3 Core
#728 Swedish localization improvement minor 7.5.4 User Interface
#732 Preview navigator(navigate the documents in prevew mode) improvement minor 7.6 User Interface
#735 Tagging of workflow instances for better identification improvement minor 7.6 Workflow
#736 Improvements in the visualization and search of workflow histories improvement minor 7.6 Workflow
#737 Access to the workflow history from inside the workflow automation improvement minor 7.6 Workflow
#739 Create download tickets with the webservice improvement minor 7.6 Web Services
#740 Remove workflow attached document improvement minor 7.6.1 Workflow
#746 Traverse the document links in a tree improvement minor 7.6.1 User Interface
#748 Administration of the Branding improvement major 7.6.2 User Interface
#749 Ability for Administrators to unset passwords improvement minor 7.6.2 User Interface
#750 Checkout/Checkin from Workflow dashboard improvement minor 7.6.3 Workflow
#752 Display a heart icon to mark bookmarked documents improvement trivial 7.6.3 User Interface
#753 CSV export workflow hitories improvement trivial 7.6.3 Workflow
#757 Social like rating mechanism for the documents improvement minor 7.6.3 Core
#759 Web service methods to add or manage the notes on documents car031 improvement minor 7.6.3 Web Services
#762 Delete a version of a file with SOAP API Blucecio improvement minor 7.6.4 Web Services
#764 Change the default cursor when viewing documents improvement minor 7.7 User Interface
#765 Restrict access to Trash area Blucecio improvement minor 7.6.4 User Interface
#767 Libre Office support for PDF conversion and preview improvement minor 7.6.4 Core
#768 Extensible storer framework improvement major 7.6.4 Core
#774 Ability to preview Microsoft Visio documents improvement minor 7.6.4 Preview
#775 Add versioning feature to the Mobile Web-interface car031 improvement major 7.6.4 User Interface
#776 Improvements in the preview of emails improvement minor 7.6.4 User Interface
#779 Retention policies on Folders improvement minor 7.7 Core
#781 Ext.Properties Fields Autocomplete Suggestions improvement minor 7.7 User Interface
#782 Make CMIS MAX ITEMS configurable improvement minor 7.7 CMIS
#786 Duplicates Report with Filter on Folder improvement minor 7.7 Reports
#787 Ability to send images from inside an Automation Script improvement minor 7.7 Core
#802 Update document preview component improvement minor 7.7.1 Preview
#807 Full localization in romanian language improvement minor 7.7.1 User Interface
#809 Order folders by position, then by name blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#811 Text area option for Extended Attributes improvement minor 7.7.1 User Interface
#812 Option to disable specific format converters improvement trivial 7.7.1 Format Conversion
#814 Support for runviaservice option of DocToAnyConverter improvement minor 7.7.2 Format Conversion
#822 Add new flag to SMTP settings improvement major 7.7.2 User Interface
#823 Edit Properties in Office Addin does not display custom attributes correctly improvement major Office Addin
#827 Compliance with new Dropbox API v2 improvement minor 7.7.3 Dropbox
#828 Update Extended properties to a set of file ignoring empty fields car031 improvement minor 7.7.3 User Interface
#829 Option to run LibreOffice as daemon or command line improvement minor 7.7.3 Preview
#835 Display the current instance's history to participants of the workflow improvement minor 7.7.3 Workflow
#849 Colored workflow status improvement minor 7.7.4 Workflow
#853 Support Nuance Power PDF OCR engine improvement minor 8.1 OCR
#855 Introduction of EMAIL permission improvement minor 7.7.5 Core
#856 Introduction of MOVE permission improvement minor 7.7.5 Core
#857 Graphical representation of the Workflow completion improvement major 7.7.5 Workflow
#861 Ability to add a group to calendar notifications improvement minor 8.0.1 Calendar
#863 Searching Null Values improvement minor 8.0.1 Search Engine
#868 Preview of P7M file format improvement minor 8.0 User Interface
#870 Extended ImportFolders feature to connect to FTP/FTPS/SFTP servers improvement major 8.0 Import / Export
#871 Support for the polish language improvement minor 8.0 User Interface
#872 Permalink to the specific document version improvement minor 8.0 User Interface
#873 Introduction of vectorial icons for a more professional interface improvement minor 8.0 User Interface
#875 Ability to print the full-path of a document in a Stamp improvement minor 8.0 Core
#879 Record the reason for signing (compliance with medial standard 21CFR Part 11) improvement minor 8.1 Digital Signature
#880 Compatibility with MySQL8 improvement minor 8.0.1 Core
#882 office plugin / comment field improvement minor Office Addin
#884 Optimized WebDAV performances improvement minor 8.0.1 WebDAV
#886 Menu for Versions section improvement trivial 8.1 User Interface
#888 Inclusion and exclusion filters in barcode recognition patterns improvement minor 8.1 Barcode
#889 Creation of BarcodeTool class to simplify barcode handling from inside the Automation improvement minor 8.1 Barcode
#895 Folders tree pagination improvement major 8.2.1 User Interface
#896 Version promotion improvement minor 8.1 Core
#897 Code completion in preset extended attributes car031 improvement minor 8.1.1 User Interface
#900 Allow session id in the request as parameter improvement minor 8.1.1 Security
#901 Ability to launch an automation routine from an automation script (AutomationTool) improvement minor 8.1.1 Automation
#903 Configurable indexing order improvement minor 8.1.1 Search Engine
#904 Webservice to apply stamps improvement minor 8.1.1 Web Services
#905 SignTool to sign documents in automation scripts improvement minor 8.1.1 Digital Signature
#907 Create method findByPath in REST interface improvement minor 8.2 Web Services
#908 Order expression in EnterpriseSerarch improvement minor 8.2 Web Services
#912 Preview of signed Outlook messages improvement minor 8.2 Outlook Addin
#923 Ability to update document properties via CMIS during checkin improvement minor 8.2.1 CMIS
#924 Parallel indexing improvement major 8.2.1 Core
#925 Support S3 storage through IAM Role improvement major 8.2.1 Storage
#928 Preview of DICOM files improvement major 8.2.1 User Interface
#929 chuncked downloads through SOAP API improvement minor 8.2.1 Web Services
#930 patches distribution through the administration improvement minor 8.2.1 Core
#931 Ability to enable/disable language selector in the login form improvement trivial 8.2.1 User Interface
#937 Support for SMB2 protocol (both import folder and storage) improvement major 8.2.2 Core
#938 Support for SMB3 protocol (both import folder and storage) improvement major 8.2.2 Core
#939 Ability to configure more than one AD / LDAP authentication servers improvement major 8.2.2 Core
#940 Enable the call of automation routines inside CustomID/AutoNaming/AutoFolding schemes improvement minor 8.2.2 Automation
#941 Integration of the remote conversion service Convertio improvement major 8.2.2 Format Conversion
#942 Replaced actual DropSpot with pure HTML 5 implementation improvement major 8.3 User Interface
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