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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1101 Flag to enable / disable avatars in the documents and search grid improvement trivial 8.7.1 User Interface
#977 Flag to enable/disable autocompletion of extended attribute fields improvement trivial 8.3.4 User Interface
#413 Folder Search should be case insentive improvement minor 6.8.3 User Interface
#290 Folder alias car031 new feature major 7.5 Core
#236 Folder creation from mobile devices improvement major Android App
#960 Folder filter in last changes report improvement minor 8.3.1 Reports
#327 Folder specification not used when searching for aliases bug minor 6.8 Core
#328 Folder specification not used when searching for aliases bug minor 6.7.3 Core
#425 FolderId Barcode Generator new feature trivial 6.8.4 Core
#895 Folders tree pagination improvement major 8.2.1 User Interface
#978 Force the user to change the password when the credentials are sent by email. improvement minor 8.3.4 Security
#578 Form Management new feature major 7.3 Core
#619 Full HTML5 preview improvement major 7.4.2 User Interface
#807 Full localization in romanian language improvement minor 7.7.1 User Interface
#552 Full support of the application for PostgreSQL improvement minor 7.2.1 Core
#720 Fulltext Analyzer filters new feature minor 7.5.3 Core
#269 Fulltext search broken in WebService bug minor 6.6.2 Web Services
#1071 GUI Setting to Show / Hide the application banner improvement minor 8.6.1 User Interface
#416 GUI localized in Vietnamese improvement minor 6.8.4 User Interface
#848 GUI performance degradation bug major 7.7.4 User Interface
#1097 GUI setting to define default number of elements in Workflow Dashlets improvement trivial 8.7 User Interface
#582 Gallery View Sort Order Change improvement minor 7.4.1 Core
#1066 Geolocation of requests new feature major 8.6 Security
#470 German translation issue "Pseudonyme abrufen" improvement minor Core
#298 Google Docs integration and on-line editing new feature major 6.7 Google Drive
#857 Graphical representation of the Workflow completion improvement major 7.7.5 Workflow
#729 Greek localization new feature major 7.5.4 Core
#207 Group policies not inherited bug trivial 6.4.1 User Interface
#189 HTML formatting when sending documents in emails improvement minor 6.4 Core
#399 HTML support for message templates improvement minor 6.8.2 Core
#611 HTML5 files uploader improvement minor 7.4.1 User Interface
#242 HTTPS support in DropSpot and ScanApplet improvement major 6.5.1 Core
#1105 Handle multiple calendar event reminders improvement minor 8.7.1 Calendar
#398 Handle template and extended attributes through CMIS interface bug minor 6.8.2 CMIS
#165 Have tab/page title show folder selected. car031 improvement minor 6.3.4 User Interface
#509 Hebrew localization improvement minor 7.1.3 Core
#959 Hidden extensible attributes improvement minor 8.3.1 Core
#625 Hiding Extended Properties that aren't used. improvement minor 7.5 User Interface
#302 Histories listing in Audit webservice improvement minor 6.7.1 Web Services
#359 Horizontal scroll bar in the results window missing bug minor 6.8.1 Office Addin
#621 Hot-Folder 1.4.3 can not connect to logicaldoc 7.4-7.4.1 bug major Core
#487 Impex web service new feature minor 7.1.2 Web Services
#1056 Implement enterprise search functions in REST mode improvement minor 8.6 Web Services
#401 Implementation of CMIS method getObjectByPath new feature trivial 6.8.2 CMIS
#769 Implementation of a Storer for remote repositories (SMB) new feature minor 7.6.4 Core
#945 Implementation of a comparator that uses Workshare new feature minor 8.3 Comparison
#1102 Implementation of copy method in Document web service improvement trivial 8.7.1 Web Services
#237 Implementation of the CMIS 1.0 AtomPub protocol new feature major 6.5.2 CMIS
#392 Import contacts from csv file improvement minor 7.0.1 Core
#291 Import folders: avoid duplicated entries and load lastModified and creation date car031 improvement major 6.6.2 Import / Export
#1081 Improve the Search Folder form improvement minor 8.6.1 User Interface
#1075 Improved the quality of grids prints improvement minor 8.6.1 User Interface
#260 Improved performance of massive folders deletions improvement minor 6.6 Core
#776 Improvements in the preview of emails improvement minor 7.6.4 User Interface
#736 Improvements in the visualization and search of workflow histories improvement minor 7.6 Workflow
#773 Include Notes in Searches new feature minor 7.7 Search Engine
#888 Inclusion and exclusion filters in barcode recognition patterns improvement minor 8.1 Barcode
#975 Incorrect invalid email bug minor 8.3.4 Installer
#725 Index Merger task minor Core
#232 IndexOptimixer generates exceptions on the log bug minor 6.5.1 Search Engine
#718 Indexing of files .vsd (Visio) and .pub (Publisher) improvement minor 7.5.3 Core
#190 Indicate effective search depth improvement trivial 6.3.5 User Interface
#414 Inherit Rights button to inherit rights from another folder improvement minor 7.1 User Interface
#531 Inherit option not enabled by default for new folder creation wish minor 7.2.1 Core
#867 Integrated FTP / FTPS server new feature minor 8.0 Core
#755 Integrated editor for plain text files new feature minor 7.6.3 User Interface
#941 Integration of the remote conversion service Convertio improvement major 8.2.2 Format Conversion
#927 Integration with CoolTool TotalImageConverter new feature minor 8.2.1 Format Conversion
#797 Integration with Doc2Any conversion program new feature minor 7.7 Core
#1024 Integration with DocuSign eSignature online service new feature major 8.5 DocuSign
#1133 Integration with Duo Two Factors Authenticator new feature major 8.7.3 Security
#854 Integration with the online OCR Web Service new feature minor 7.7.5 OCR
#796 Integration with the online conversion platform ZamZar new feature minor 7.7 Core
#581 Interaction with the workflow from within e-mail new feature minor 7.3 Workflow
#855 Introduction of EMAIL permission improvement minor 7.7.5 Core
#856 Introduction of MOVE permission improvement minor 7.7.5 Core
#712 Introduction of print permission improvement minor 7.5.2 Core
#873 Introduction of vectorial icons for a more professional interface improvement minor 8.0 User Interface
#951 Issue with downloading and previewing documents bug critical Documentation
#1039 Issues when number of folders in a subfolder is more than 1000 bug minor 8.5.1 Core
#820 LD 7.7.1 - Login Permalink: User with Umlaut as pwd not works bug major 7.7.2 Core
#918 LDAP navigator(Java Webstart) is deprecated and no more available in the next release deprecation minor 8.2 User Interface
#360 Language field in metadata editor should be a limited dropdown list Blucecio improvement minor Office Addin
#967 Language metadata shown in documents grids improvement minor 8.3.3 User Interface
#767 Libre Office support for PDF conversion and preview improvement minor 7.6.4 Core
#450 LibreOffice CMIS compliance improvement trivial 7.1 CMIS
#1125 Link email and it's attachment improvement minor Outlook Addin
#488 Locked documents report new feature minor 7.1.2 Core
#314 Log Download utility new feature trivial 6.7.2 Core
#852 LogicalDOC Android App: Bug on Ext. Properties - INTEGER bug trivial Android App
#1030 LogicalDOC Android app issues bug major Android App
#987 LogicalDOC For Office Missing String Value In User Select improvement minor Office Addin
#534 LogicalDOC Office Launcher has stopped working Blucecio bug minor Office Addin
#420 LogicalDOC mobile app doesn't work on IOS 7.1 fulger59 bug critical iPad and iPhone App
#609 LogicalDOC service script doesn't work bug minor Core
#988 Logicaldoc does not repond to web service bug minor User Interface
#1083 Login error after the initial change password attempt bug major User Interface
#222 Lookup table for extended attribute options improvement minor 7.1 Core
#316 Loss of typed characters during the insertion of tags bug minor 6.7.2 User Interface
#1065 MD5 option for External Authentication removed from next release deprecation minor 8.6 LDAP / Active Directory
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