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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#944 Configurable comparation engine new feature major 8.3 Comparison
#945 Implementation of a comparator that uses Workshare new feature minor 8.3 Comparison
#947 Multiple workflow supervisors improvement minor 8.3 Workflow
#949 Customizable dashlets new feature minor 8.3 User Interface
#950 Automation in welcome message improvement minor 8.3 User Interface
#951 Issue with downloading and previewing documents bug critical Documentation
#954 The auto naming function does not work during checkin bug major 8.3.1 Core
#955 Support for Java8 will be dropped in the next version deprecation major 8.3.1 Core
#956 Visual positioning of stamps new feature major 8.3.1 Stamp
#957 Visual positioning of digital signatures new feature major 8.3.1 Digital Signature
#958 Dropped the need of password for storing users certificates deprecation minor 8.3.1 Digital Signature
#959 Hidden extensible attributes improvement minor 8.3.1 Core
#960 Folder filter in last changes report improvement minor 8.3.1 Reports
#961 Sort date extended attribute in documents grid new feature minor 8.3.2 User Interface
#963 Extended attibutes with multiple values improvement major 8.3.2 Core
#964 Deprecated method DocTool.createPath(Document doc, String targetPath) in favour of createPath(Document doc, String targetPath, Strin username)) task minor 8.3.2 Automation
#965 Added method DocTool.delete(long docId) improvement trivial 8.3.2 Automation
#966 Start a workflow from automation improvement minor 8.3.2 Automation
#967 Language metadata shown in documents grids improvement minor 8.3.3 User Interface
#968 Status icon to mark documents with links improvement minor 8.3.3 User Interface
#969 Ability to download all linked files in a single .zip archive improvement minor 8.3.3 Import / Export
#970 Added method DocTool.getHistories(long docId, String event) improvement minor 8.3.3 Automation
#971 Customizable notification message per task improvement minor 8.3.3 Workflow
#972 Automation editor with code completion and graphical highlights improvement major 8.3.3 Automation
#973 Added methods $DocTool.lock() and $DocTool.unlock() improvement minor 8.3.3 Automation
#974 After changing the color of a folder Save button does not appear bug minor 8.3.4 User Interface
#975 Incorrect invalid email bug minor 8.3.4 Installer
#976 Propagate database layer exceptions and let them to reach application layer improvement minor 8.3.4 Core
#977 Flag to enable/disable autocompletion of extended attribute fields improvement trivial 8.3.4 User Interface
#978 Force the user to change the password when the credentials are sent by email. improvement minor 8.3.4 Security
#979 Ability to annotate in the body of any document improvement major 8.3.4 Core
#980 the 'move folder' function changes the name of the moved folder bug major 8.3.4 User Interface
#981 Stamps with HTML formatting improvement major 8.3.4 Stamp
#983 Alert messages for supervisors with consolidated copies of the messages sent to the participants improvement minor 8.3.4 Workflow
#984 Download tickets generated by the automation are not valid bug minor 8.3.4 Automation
#985 Enforce the verification of the mandatory fields during document form filling improvement minor 8.5 Forms
#986 New webservice method WorkflowService.reassign improvement minor 8.4 Web Services
#987 LogicalDOC For Office Missing String Value In User Select improvement minor Office Addin
#988 Logicaldoc does not repond to web service bug minor User Interface
#989 Option to enable/disable CustomID replication during Syndication improvement minor 8.4 Syndication
#990 Wordpress bug blocker Wordpress
#991 PDF Splitting capabilities new feature major 8.4 Split
#992 Maximum number of download criteria for Download Tickets improvement minor 8.4 Core
#993 Reports of current download tickets new feature minor 8.4 Reports
#994 Configurable timeout for the popups improvement minor 8.4 User Interface
#995 Purging Documents deleted before a given date improvement minor 8.5 Core
#996 The calculation of documents tagged by word does not work admin bug minor 8.4 User Interface
#997 configurable delimiters for the worddelimiter search filter improvement minor 8.4.1 Search Engine
#998 Wrong checkouts when selecting multiple files bug minor 8.4.1 User Interface
#999 support chinese chars in stamps improvement minor 8.4.1 Stamp
#1000 Preview of zip files new feature minor 8.4.1 Preview
#1001 Extended attributes of type Folder improvement major 8.4.1 Core
#1002 Automation Executor scheduled task to schedule the execution of an Automation procedure new feature minor 8.4.1 Automation
#1003 Deleting annotations doesn't work bug minor 8.4.1 User Interface
#1004 The administrator can force the interface settings of a user and replicate the same to a selection of users improvement minor 8.4.1 User Interface
#1005 Automation routines can be associated to a template in order to define input values improvement major 8.4.1 Automation
#1006 Support for automation in Email Import new feature minor 8.4.1 Import / Export
#1008 Save documents grid layout on a per folder basis improvement major 8.4.1 User Interface
#1009 Support for .jfif image files improvement minor 8.4.2 Format Conversion
#1012 Zonal OCR new feature major 8.4.2 Zonal OCR
#1013 Control labels of the preview are garbled, tangled bug minor 8.4.2 User Interface
#1014 Option to evaluate CustomID / Autofolding / Autonaming at update improvement minor 8.4.2 Core
#1015 Automation script to validate users before importing them from LDAP or AD improvement minor 8.4.2 LDAP / Active Directory
#1016 Connection to databse lost bug major Core
#1017 Various improvements improvement minor Office Addin
#1018 XSS Vulnerability bug major 8.4.2 Security
#1019 Versions tab empty when filename contains the ampersign bug minor 8.4.2 User Interface
#1020 Checkout and Lock does not work properly on alias (link) documents bug minor 8.4.2 Core
#1021 Support for ePub, AZW3 and MOBI ebook files(indexing / preview) improvement minor 8.5 Core
#1022 multi-connection access via webdav client test minor WebDAV
#1024 Integration with DocuSign eSignature online service new feature major 8.5 DocuSign
#1026 Updated the indexing engine task major 8.5 Search Engine
#1027 Copy the path of a folder improvement minor 8.5 User Interface
#1028 Programmatically merge more PDF files new feature minor 8.5.1 Core
#1030 LogicalDOC Android app issues bug major Android App
#1031 Automation script triggered by workflow task completion improvement minor 8.5.1 Workflow
#1032 Display tags column in the documents grid improvement minor 8.5.1 User Interface
#1033 Merging capabilities from inside the Automation improvement minor 8.5.1 Automation
#1035 Customizable number of displayed history records improvement minor 8.5.1 User Interface
#1036 Additional FolderTool methods improvement trivial 8.5.1 Automation
#1037 Versioned workflow schemes improvement major 8.5.1 Workflow
#1038 Nice popups to notify alerts improvement minor 8.5.1 User Interface
#1039 Issues when number of folders in a subfolder is more than 1000 bug minor 8.5.1 Core
#1040 Compatibility with ShareFile API v3 improvement minor 8.5.1 ShareFile
#1041 Setup the storage to use at folder level improvement minor 8.5.1 Core
#1042 Reduced time to shutdown of the Windows service improvement minor 8.5.1 Core
#1043 The Upload function does not work on Android App bug major Android App
#1045 Unable to delete some files bug minor 8.5.2 Core
#1046 Recording of folder alias creations improvement minor 8.5.2 Auditing
#1047 Option to require users to leave a note in order to complete a workflow task new feature minor 8.5.2 Workflow
#1048 Configurable compression level in the storage configuration improvement minor 8.5.2 Core
#1051 WebDAV cache removed because of superseeded by other optimizations deprecation minor 8.5.2 WebDAV
#1052 Ability to apply the storage setting to the whole subtree improvement minor 8.5.2 Core
#1053 Utility to enforce that files are stored in the right storage specified at folder level improvement minor 8.5.2 Core
#1055 Customizable thumbnail generation improvement minor 8.6 Core
#1056 Implement enterprise search functions in REST mode improvement minor 8.6 Web Services
#1058 Parse PDF conversion in case a specific parser is not available improvement minor 8.6 Search Engine
#1059 Option to save correctly sent emails as LogicalDOC's documents new feature minor 8.6 Core
#1060 WebsocketTool: new tool to interact with the user interface from within the Automation improvement minor 8.6 Automation
#1061 Custom Actions: customization of the document's and folder's context menu new feature minor 8.6 User Interface
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