Dec 23, 2015:

4:16 PM Ticket #556 (Define length of reset password) closed by car031
4:15 PM Ticket #584 (Thumbnail and Gallery preview scaling) closed by car031
wontfix: They are scaled but if you have a wide image we have to cut it in …
4:13 PM Ticket #582 (Gallery View Sort Order Change) closed by car031
fixed: The two visualizations are independent, not we always order per …
3:53 PM Ticket #532 (FTP access via LogicalDOC connector ignores user IP filter) closed by car031
wontfix: Not doable, the IP seen by LogicalDOC is the IP of the server that is …
3:51 PM Ticket #375 (Optionally add watermarks to documents) closed by car031
7:50 AM Ticket #600 (Ability to have Template EXT Properties arranged in more than two columns) closed by car031

Dec 22, 2015:

2:08 PM Ticket #400 (External authentication support for CIFS connector) closed by car031
wontfix: This is technically impossible because the CIFS protocol doesn't …
2:01 PM Ticket #444 (Notification emails) closed by car031
12:02 PM Ticket #565 (Parametric Search - Aliases not returned) closed by car031
11:52 AM Ticket #325 (Connection Problems with Android 4.1) closed by car031
11:48 AM Ticket #609 (LogicalDOC update-wd.sh service script doesn't work) closed by car031
10:11 AM Ticket #564 (Annotations don't appear to work in Internet Explorer) closed by car031

Dec 21, 2015:

2:28 PM Ticket #567 (Bulk Checkout 'unlocks' documents) closed by car031
12:39 PM Ticket #389 (OpenOffice Add-in) closed by car031
wontfix: Not interested in having such an integration, we havew a good CMIS …
12:38 PM Ticket #591 (Selection of folder in the tree is problematic) closed by car031
12:37 PM Ticket #529 (Save folders via app on mobile device) closed by car031
wontfix: For such a feature we will have to think to develop something similar …
12:35 PM Ticket #258 (Prevent checkin errors where configuration not performed) closed by car031
12:35 PM Ticket #511 (Office Add-in producing errors with Excel) closed by car031
wontfix: Unfortunately we cannot avoid this issue
12:33 PM Ticket #614 (Support for locking in WebDAV protocol) closed by car031
12:32 PM Ticket #588 (Unable to connect to the server) closed by car031
fixed: Fixed in version 1.17 of LogicalDOC Outlook Addin
12:28 PM Ticket #546 (Ability to install updates of Addin on top of old version) closed by car031
fixed: Fixed in version 2.13.0 of LogicalDOC Office Addin
12:26 PM Ticket #562 (iPad/iPhone app crashes when opening for the first time with no ...) closed by car031
fixed: Fixed in version 1.4.2 of LogicalDOC Mobile for iOS …
12:24 PM Ticket #266 (Optimize the requests of the Office Add-in) closed by car031
9:26 AM Ticket #587 (Display glitch while scrolling parametric search results) closed by car031

Dec 4, 2015:

5:52 PM Ticket #615 (Dedicated web interface for Mobile devices) closed by car031
5:52 PM Ticket #615 (Dedicated web interface for Mobile devices) created by car031

Dec 1, 2015:

11:11 PM Ticket #614 (Support for locking in WebDAV protocol) created by jkenyon
It would be awesome if the LogicalDOC WebDAV protocol could support …

Nov 30, 2015:

3:46 PM Ticket #444 (Notification emails) reopened by ales.list

Nov 27, 2015:

3:25 PM Ticket #613 (Finnish localization) closed by car031
3:25 PM Ticket #613 (Finnish localization) created by car031
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