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Milestone 8.8.5 (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1191 Enable edit with Office in context menu on tab Append Documents in workflow Workflow 8.8.3 improvement new May 12, 2023

(empty) (10 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#1086 Strange issue on outlook addin Outlook Addin 8.6.1 bug new Apr 22, 2021
#1165 Repeatedly performing a full-text search produces different results Search Engine 8.8.2 bug new Nov 15, 2022
#1057 New REST interfaces for users and groups administration Web Services 8.5.2 improvement new Nov 12, 2020
#1123 exceed the dimensional limits of REST documentMetadata-setAttributeOptions Web Services 8.7.1 improvement new Oct 20, 2021
#1044 Configurable number of watched folder Outlook Addin 8.5 new feature new Aug 24, 2020
#1082 Ability to apply a legally valid digital signature to documents Digital Signature 8.6 new feature new Mar 17, 2021
#1088 Auto Taxonomy Core 8.6.1 new feature new May 4, 2021
#1114 Nuovo Web Service (SOAP) - Inserimento eventi in calendario Web Services 8.7 new feature new Aug 17, 2021
#1141 Document appears indexed but no text has been extracted Core new feature new Feb 24, 2022
#1010 WebDAV issues with Windows WebDAV 8.4.1 task reopened Mar 12, 2020
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