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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#357 Date of document publication should be shown in search results Office Addin 6.8 improvement new Nov 6, 2013
#410 Save As Command, default the folder to the original folder Office Addin 6.8.2 improvement new Feb 17, 2014
#384 Use the same name of the file when opened with the option "Edit with Office" Office Addin 6.8 improvement blucecio new Dec 9, 2013
#282 Download tiket in Outlook Addin Outlook Addin 6.6.1 new feature blucecio74 new Jan 16, 2013
#409 Ability to add metadata when saving documents in Outlook addin Outlook Addin 6.8.2 new feature new Feb 17, 2014

(empty) (12 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#990 Wordpress Wordpress 8.3.4 bug new Nov 13, 2019
#1011 excel preview is not correct Preview 8.4.1 bug new Mar 13, 2020
#882 office plugin / comment field Office Addin improvement new Jun 15, 2018
#985 Enforce the verification of the mandatory fields during document form filling Forms 8.3.3 improvement new Oct 18, 2019
#995 Purging Documents deleted before a given date Core 8.3.4 improvement new Dec 13, 2019
#833 Auto-save for Office Addin Office Addin new feature new Oct 10, 2017
#845 Recent documents list for Office Add-in Office Addin new feature new Jan 3, 2018
#866 Support of italian electronic invoice(Fattura PA) Core new feature new Mar 28, 2018
#1010 WebDAV issues with Windows WebDAV 8.4.1 task reopened Mar 12, 2020
#1007 Hide the standard columns in parametric search condition selector User Interface 8.4 wish new Feb 14, 2020
#948 Menu bar is not rendered correctly in RTL languages such as Arabic User Interface 8.1.1 bug new Apr 21, 2019
#881 Aggiungere il campo time all'autocomposizione del nome mail Outlook Addin 8.0 new feature new Jun 15, 2018
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