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#357 Date of document publication should be shown in search results Office Addin 6.8 improvement new Nov 6, 2013 Gordian
#410 Save As Command, default the folder to the original folder Office Addin 6.8.2 improvement new Feb 17, 2014 fulger59
#1049 FUNZIONALITA' RICERCA Search Engine improvement new Sep 25, 2020 croceverde
#1057 New REST interfaces for users and groups administration Web Services 8.5.2 improvement new Nov 12, 2020 Blucecio
#833 Auto-save for Office Addin Office Addin new feature new Oct 11, 2017 jkenyon
#845 Recent documents list for Office Add-in Office Addin new feature new Jan 4, 2018 jkenyon
#1044 Configurable number of watched folder Outlook Addin 8.5 new feature new Aug 24, 2020 admin
#1070 Custom Message Template for notification for subscription event Auditing 8.5.2 new feature new Jan 7, 2021 g_raitchev
#1010 WebDAV issues with Windows WebDAV 8.4.1 task reopened Mar 12, 2020 adminusername
#409 Ability to add metadata when saving documents in Outlook addin Outlook Addin 6.8.2 new feature new Feb 17, 2014 Gordian
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