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#139 Workflow transition effects effects improvement major Workflow 6.3.2
#146 Multi Workspace new feature major Core 6.3.2
#136 Sometimes the upload doesn't work (documents do not appear) car031 bug minor User Interface 6.3.1
#141 Default template and metadata for each Folder car031 new feature minor Core 6.3.2
#144 Bookmarks on Folders car031 improvement minor User Interface 6.3.2
#169 Permanent Download Link ca031 new feature minor Core 6.3.3
#173 Direct import from LDAP and Active Directory improvement minor LDAP / Active Directory 6.3.3
#189 HTML formatting when sending documents in emails improvement minor Core 6.3.4
#194 Cannot set some folders in search car031 bug minor User Interface 6.3.5
#195 Configurable default page after login car031 new feature minor User Interface 6.3.5
#145 Translation of the item confirmation move messages wish trivial User Interface 6.3.2
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