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LogicalDOC is a document management software targeted to business users. The solution is designed to be very user friendly. This software gives you the possibility to store any type of document, to quickly search for needed information and to cooperate with other team members. LogicalDOC provides a more flexible, cost-effective alternative to proprietary applications.

The use of knowledge management systems by a company helps it to manage intelligence on the resources available to the company, more efficiently. This leads to a medium-term increase in productivity. Using these systems, the information, as well as the knowledge generated within the organization, can be universally accessed.

Using LogicalDOC to manage documents at your company, will be easy. One of our major goals is the usability case study. LogicalDOC is a document management application with a web user interface that allows the following operations to be carried out: sharing, setting security roles, auditing and finding enterprise documents and registers. With LogicalDOC users can easily collaborate and communicate. Documents are not created or consumed in a vacuum – information is created for a purpose. The flow of documents through the business cycle can be managed and tracked. From initial capture and creation, sharing and collaboration, across approval, review and revisions.

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