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#979 Ability to annotate in the body of any document improvement major Core 8.3.3
#980 the 'move folder' function changes the name of the moved folder bug major User Interface 8.3.3
#981 Stamps with HTML formatting improvement major Stamp 8.3.3
#974 After changing the color of a folder Save button does not appear bug minor User Interface 8.3.2
#975 Incorrect invalid email bug minor Installer 8.3.3
#976 Propagate database layer exceptions and let them to reach application layer improvement minor Core 8.3.3
#978 Force the user to change the password when the credentials are sent by email. improvement minor Security 8.3.3
#983 Alert messages for supervisors with consolidated copies of the messages sent to the participants improvement minor Workflow 8.3.3
#984 Download tickets generated by the automation are not valid bug minor Automation 8.3.3
#977 Flag to enable/disable autocompletion of extended attribute fields improvement trivial User Interface 8.3.3
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