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#906 Read-only users new feature major Core 8.1.1
#913 Syndication new feature major Core 8.1
#907 Create method findByPath in REST interface improvement minor Web Services
#908 Order expression in EnterpriseSerarch improvement minor Web Services 8.1
#909 Chunk uploads with webservices new feature minor Web Services 8.1.1
#912 Preview of signed Outlook messages improvement minor Outlook Addin 8.1
#916 SQL queries through Webservices new feature minor Web Services 8.1
#918 LDAP navigator(Java Webstart) is deprecated and no more available in the next release deprecation minor User Interface 8.1.1
#919 Compare between two versions exits in error bug minor User Interface 8.1.1
#921 Parametric search does handle properly the Template selector bug minor User Interface 8.1.1
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