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#319 Email contacts address book new feature major Core 6.7.1
#320 CIFS protocol implementation new feature major Core 6.7.1
#335 FTP protocol support new feature major Core 6.7.3
#341 Date formatting for English-UK and english-AU improvement major User Interface
#318 Restore of deleted folders new feature minor Core 6.7.1
#327 Folder specification not used when searching for aliases bug minor Core 6.7.2
#330 Bulk Checkin new feature minor User Interface 6.7.2
#333 Error msgs "persistence method 'databaseStorage' not yet supported" ujmoser bug minor User Interface 6.7.3
#334 Error sending internal message bug minor User Interface 6.7.3
#337 Support DB instance definition at installation time when using SQL Server improvement minor Installer 6.7.3
#342 US date format support in date editing widget improvement minor User Interface 6.7.3
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