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Change Log

This is a rough list of changes between released versions.

To see where Trac is going in future releases, see the Roadmap.

1.0.x Releases


(July 24, 2005)

Trac 1.0.8 fixes a regression introduced in Trac 1.0.7: the session for an authenticated username containing non-alphanumeric characters could not be retrieved, resulting in the user being denied access to every realm and resource (#12129).

See the detailed release notes for 1.0.8.

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(July 17, 2015)

Trac 1.0.7 contains more than a dozen minor fixes and enhancements, including the following highlights:

  • Custom svn:keywords definitions are expanded in Subversion 1.8 and later (#11364).
  • Fixed MySQL performance regression in query with custom fields (#12113).

See the detailed release notes for 1.0.7.

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(May 20, 2015)

Trac 1.0.6 provides more than 20 fixes and enhancements. The following are some highlights:

  • Hash changeset ids and branch names can be used in revision ranges (#11050)
  • Improved rendering performance using chunked response when [trac] use_chunked_encoding is True (#11802)
  • Improved performance of Git repositories (#11971).
  • Header to send when [trac] use_xsendfile is True can be specified through the option [trac] xsendfile_header. X-Sendfile is supported in Nginx by specifying X-Accel-Redirect for the header (#11981).
  • Symbolic link can be used for conf/trac.ini in environment directory (#12000).
  • Hyphen character can be used in WikiProcessor parameter name (#12023).

See the detailed release notes for 1.0.6 and 0.12.7 (as 1.0.6 also contains the changes in 0.12.7).

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(March 24, 2015)

Trac 1.0.5 provides several fixes. The following are some highlights:

  • Images are not rendered in the timeline (#10751).
  • Git tags are shown in the browser view (#11964).
  • Added support for journal_mode and synchronous pragmas in sqlite: database connection string (#11967).

See the detailed release notes for 1.0.5.

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(February 8, 2015)

Trac 1.0.4 contains a few fixes, including a fix for a regression in 1.0.3.

  • Workflow action labels were not displayed unless name attribute was explicitly defined (#11930).

See the detailed release notes for 1.0.4.

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(January 13, 2015)

Trac 1.0.3 is a maintenance release containing numerous fixes and minor enhancements. The following are a few of the highlights:

The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • Notification is sent when adding an attachment to a ticket (#2259).
  • Stylesheets and scripts are loaded during autopreview, resulting in proper syntax highlighting when code WikiProcessors are added (#10470) and display of Workflow graphs without explicit autopreview (#10674).
  • Merge changesets are shown as differences against first parent, resulting in less noisy changesets (#10740).
  • Pygments 2.0 is supported (#11796).
  • Fixed error when completing the initenv TracAdmin command (#11797).
  • Performance improvement on systems with many thousands of authenticated users due to caching of Environment.get_known_users (#11868).
  • Distribution metadata of wheel package is supported and displayed on the About page (#11877).
  • … and more than 3 dozen total fixes!

See the detailed release notes for 1.0.3.

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(October 23, 2014)

Trac 1.0.2 contains a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements, as well as a major update for many translations.

The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • Subversion keywords are expanded and EOL substitutions made when viewing a file in the repository browser and when downloading a file (#717).
  • Notification email is sent to the old owner when a ticket is reassigned (#2311).
  • Ticket change history is updated when renaming and deleting a milestone, and when retargeting tickets to another milestone (#4582, #5658).
  • Numerous fixes for the Authz permissions policy in the browser/repository (#10961, #11646), wiki (#8976, #11067), admin (#11069) and report (#11176) realms.
  • Multiple forms submits are disallowed (#10138).
  • ConfigurationError is raised if any of the permission_policies can't be loaded, preventing possible information leakage due to internal and installation errors (#10285).
  • Wiki toolbars can be disabled through a configuration setting (#10837)
  • The number of entries in a table is shown next to heading on applicable admin pages (#11027).
  • Cancel buttons are consistently located on all pages (#11076).
  • Focus is placed on a text element when an edit page is loaded (#11084).
  • The Edit conflict and Merge warning messages are always visible in side-by-side edit mode (#11102).
  • Improvements to the layout of the Report (#11106, #11664) and Ticket pages (#11471).
  • Genshi 0.7 compatibility (#11218).
  • Numerous minor fixes for Git repository support.
  • … and more than a hundred more fixes!

See the detailed release notes for 1.0.2 and 0.12.6 (as 1.0.2 contains all the fixes done for 0.12.6).

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(February 1, 2013)

Trac 1.0.1 contains a number of bug fixes and minor enhancements, as well as a major update for many translations.

The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • Fix zip source download for large directories in Subversion repositories (#10840)
  • Performance improvement for the Roadmap, by caching milestone properties (#10879)
  • Added a select all checkbox to table of components for each plugin on the Plugins admin panel (#9609)
  • Restore the Modify link at the top of the ticket page, as it was in Trac 0.12 (#10856)
  • ListOption keeps values other than empty string and None in raw list as default (#10541)
  • Prevent possibility of multiple identical info or warning messages being presented to the user (#10987)
  • The BatchModify select-all checkboxes are toggled with tri-state behavior when the ticket checkboxes are toggled (#10992)
  • Update the ticket changetime to the current time when deleting a ticket comment (#10486)

See the detailed release notes for 1.0.1 and 0.12.5 (as 1.0.1 contains all the fixes done for 0.12.5).

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1.0 'Cell'

(September 7, 2012)

Trac 1.0 is a major release adding refreshed user interface and improved DVCS repository support as the most visible changes.

The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • The default theme looks more modern, especially on recent browsers (no effort has been made to make it look better on older browsers like IE6 or 7)
  • The [TH:GitPlugin] has been donated by Herbert Valerio Riedel to the Trac project (many thanks!) and is now maintained here as an optional component
  • As a consequence, the Subversion support has been moved below tracopt.versioncontrol as well
  • The Git and Mercurial log view feature a visualization of the branching structure
  • Usability improvements for the tickets, with a better support for conflict detection and resolution
  • Integration of the [TH:BatchModifyPlugin], contributed by Brian Meeker (many thanks!) and is now maintained there as a default component
  • jQuery/UI integration, featuring a date picker for date fields
  • Improved integration with Pygments syntax highlighting
  • ... and numerous smaller features added and bugs fixed since 0.12!

See the full list in 1.0.

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0.12.x Releases


(July 12, 2015)

Trac 0.12.7 fixes a minor security issue, as well as a half dozen other minor issues:

  • InterWiki filters links through [wiki] safe_schemes option if [wiki] render_unsafe_content is disabled (#12053).

See the detailed release notes for 0.12.7.

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(October 23, 2014)

Trac 0.12.6 contains fixes for a few issues:

  • Subversion blame would fail for a path with URL-encoded characters (#10386), a lower-case drive letter on Windows (#10514), or a non-ascii filename with Subversion 1.7 (#11167).
  • Improved performance rendering svn:mergeinfo properties in browser view (#8459) and changeset view (#11219).
  • Query with many custom fields would fail (#11140).
  • Zip archive had a timestamp with no timezone information (#11162).
  • Failure or incorrect ranges rendering log TracLinks (#11308, #11346).
  • Textareas in ticket view did not wrap correctly in IE 11 (#11376).
  • Emails were not being obfuscated in owner field on CSV export from ticket and query pages (#11594).
  • Locale data was not being included in egg in Distribute 0.6.29 and later (#11640).
  • Deleting a milestone would not delete its attachments (#11672).
  • Added support for Babel 1.0 and later (#11258, #11345).
  • Added support for ConfigObj 5.0 and later (#11498).
  • … and dozens more fixes!

See the detailed release notes for 0.12.6.

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(January 15, 2013)

Trac 0.12.5 contains fixes for a few issues:

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(September 7, 2012)

Trac 0.12.4 contains only a handful of minor fixes.

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(February 6, 2012)

Trac 0.12.3 contains a few minor fixes and a few minor features.

  • compatibility with Subversion 1.7 (#10414)
  • easier troubleshooting of common startup errors (#10024)
  • jQuery upgraded to 1.4.4 (#10001)
  • improve fine-grained permission handling in the source browser (#9976, #10208, #10110)
  • added compatibility with MySQL 5.5.3 utf8mb4 databases (#9766)
  • ... and dozens more fixes!

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(January 31, 2011)

Trac 0.12.2 contains a few minor fixes and a few minor features.

This list contains only a few highlights:

  • install: improved robustness of Trac installation if Babel is installed after the fact (#9439, #9595, #9961)
  • notifications: support for Asian character width (#4717)
  • roadmap: fix display of progress bar in some corner cases (#9718) and respect the overall_completion milestone group setting (#9721)
  • reports: reports and queries look much better, as the columns now keep the same width across groups; the absence of word wrapping in reports has been fixed (#9825)
  • web admin: improved layout (#8866, #9963)
  • web: it's now possible to log in different Trac instances sharing the same URL prefix (e.g. /project and /project-test) (#9951)

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(October 9, 2010)

Trac 0.12.1 contains a few important performance improvements, some minor fixes and a few minor features.

This list contains only a few highlights:

  • db: improve concurrency behavior (#9111)
  • fcgi: add an environment variable TRAC_USE_FLUP to control the usage of flup vs. bundled (defaults to 0, i.e. use bundled as before)
  • svn authz: improve compatibility with svn 1.5 format (#8289)
  • milestone: allow to set the time for the due date (#6369, #9582)
  • ticket: fixes for the CC: property (#8597, #9522)
  • notification: improved the formatting of ticket fields in notification e-mails (#9484, #9494)
  • i18n: added a configuration option to set the default language (#8117)
  • several fixes for upgrade (#9400, #9416, #9483, #9556)

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0.12 'Babel'

(June 13, 2010)

Trac 0.12 is a major release introducing i18n and multiple repository support as the most visible changes.

The following list contains only a few highlights:

  • The user interface is translated in a dozen of languages, provided the [Babel:] package is installed
  • Multiple repositories can be associated to a single Trac environment; the repositories can be of heterogeneous types (svn, hg, git, darcs...)
  • Usability improvements for the Wiki, with a nice side-by-side edit mode with automatic preview
  • Richer Wiki syntax, with much improved support for tables, partial WikiCreole compatibility and numerous smaller improvements
  • Usability improvements for the Ticket module, with automatic preview of comments while you type and possibility to edit or remove them later
  • Improved Custom Queries (time fields, multiple disjoint conditions, a.k.a. OR queries)
  • Timeline filtering by user
  • ... and numerous smaller features added and bugs fixed since 0.11!

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Older Releases

For releases prior to 0.12, see TracChangeLog@95.