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#1001 Extended attributes of type Folder improvement major Core 8.4
#1005 Automation routines can be associated to a template in order to define input values improvement major Automation 8.4
#1008 Save documents grid layout on a per folder basis improvement major User Interface 8.4
#997 configurable delimiters for the worddelimiter search filter improvement minor Search Engine 8.3.4
#998 Wrong checkouts when selecting multiple files bug minor User Interface 8.3.4
#999 support chinese chars in stamps improvement minor Stamp 8.3.4
#1000 Preview of zip files new feature minor Preview 8.4
#1002 Automation Executor scheduled task to schedule the execution of an Automation procedure new feature minor Automation 8.4
#1003 Deleting annotations doesn't work bug minor User Interface 8.4
#1004 The administrator can force the interface settings of a user and replicate the same to a selection of users improvement minor User Interface 8.4
#1006 Support for automation in Email Import new feature minor Import / Export 8.4
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